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  1. Thank you! I’ll wait then
  2. Ok...I took a breath and read that and relaxed a little!! Thank u so I won’t panic just yet. U think I should still send the green card
  3. It says in the letter “payments made after Jan 25th doesn’t reflect that receipt” wth does that mean?
  4. Should I green card that too?
  5. Ok I’ll send a letter to hunt & henrique. What exactly should I include, the green card, the copy of cashiers checks and there recent letters and our agreement? Thank u
  6. And I took screen shot of the tracking online
  7. No I paid that days before, it even reflects on the balance in my credit report on credit karma the $3050 I paid
  8. And yes I have the green card
  9. Why am I just getting this letter today? It’s Feb 22nd and I made my last payment feb 3rd I believe. I hope it’s nothing to worry about
  10. Yes, I have very green card and bank record (cashier check) and letters they sent. I will keep an eye!! Thanks again. Do I have to wait 3 months to dispute to credit agencies? I’ll just try to be patient...thanks sooooo mucchhh!!!
  11. Back again...should I call hunt and heriques to send me a letter of confirmation of payment settlement? Receipt? I have not been served, no one has attempted, I can’t go to the court because it’s closed. I looked online on court records mine still looks the same just case number, date filed.
  12. Last payment sent today...sent it express with green card receipt, extra $30 on top of $400...but I STILL HaVE NOT got served!! I’m just glad the agreement of the settlement is done...now just wait to get served or just go to court house (if it’s open) to see what’s going on!! Thanks everyone! This was so stressful but it def open my eyes to be smarter. Hopefully everything goes smooth after this
  13. @WhoCares1000 when should I expect the green card back? I have not received and I tracked it and H&H has received it maybe 2 days ago.
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