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  1. I def will wait and watch...again, just wanted to say how much I appreciate your time, patience and help. U helped me so much. I know this isn’t over yet but I’m very amazed how people like you are willing to take time and help people like me. U didn’t get sarcastic or just tell me “read this” u took the time to explain. THANK YOU
  2. @WhoCares1000 ok I sent my first payment of $2650 bank check, with the certified green sticker thing....yesterday. No summones yet, checked my court records and nothing still the same, no court date. Last payment $400 by feb 7th... Can I just file an answer before I get the summones? Should I?
  3. @Ddjcplus4 you would think after we agree to pay that would be the end of this damn nightmare right!?!? Question...did you have to pay and how much to file the answer
  4. @WhoCares1000 do I keep original copies?
  5. I have not been served!!! They came to my house a week ago and the guy said he would be’s been a week. I check the court website I only see court case number and date filed. Thanks for your help I will send asap
  6. @WhoCares1000 my agreement from H&H came. How’s it look to u
  7. I’m not avoiding it. I gave them my address so they can come to my house, the first time the lady said she could not help with that. Finally I called again and some lady said she would try to sort that out....well they came yesterday but I was at work...I don’t know where anyone got the idea I was trying to avoid it?!?! So hopefully they come today and I will be home. I have not paid anything. Like I said before i took the lump sum instead of the $100 a month and they agreed to let me pay two payments to pay off the settled balance. I’m waiting on an agreement and hopefully I get my summones.
  8. Arbitration”), including all questions of law or fact related thereto. 1. Agreement to Arbitrate Either you or we may elect in writing, and without the consent of the other, to arbitrate all Claims covered by this provision. 2. Claims Covered By Arbitration Claims subject to our agreement to arbitrate shall include all of the following: (i) Claims related to or arising out of this Agreement, or any prior or later versions of this Agreement as well as any changes to the terms of this Agreement; (ii) Claims related to or arising out of any aspect of any relationship between us that is go
  9. Let me try to make it clear...I’m sorry so blurry
  10. When I get everything I will run it by you so u can review (if u don’t mind) my OC is US bank credit card, portfolio recovery bought it and suing me with H&H. Yes USbank has something about arbitration I did not understand it.
  11. I just want to make sure I’m reading correctly THE ANSWER: -I can just print that off of the county clerk website? No need to pick it up? Summons needs to be sent back? -I send that to the court by mail and H&H? I make 3 copies and one of those are for my records. No need to give to the court in person? HOW to ANSWER: assuming -agreement is here, I deny everything except my info but check the part “affirmative defense” -agreement NOT here, I deny everything except my address...anything else I add? I will give them a till next wed to send me my agreement a
  12. @Ddjcplus4 if u don’t mind when you file your “answer” pls let me know how you did it. Let me know what additional papers I have to get, and what the heck to write or check in the summons. Mine is not here yet but I know it’s coming soon
  13. @WhoCares1000 let’s say I get served before the agreement comes, what’s the best answer? And before I have to answer the summones I think I’ll be paid would I answer? Thanks again for your time after u told me how to talk to them my anxiety has went down