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  1. They protect consumers from bad debt collections actions, threats, sending certain documents, being responsive, etc. Enforced by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. Persolve's refusal to communicate by once probably violates one of them. Fell off payment plan is self evident statement. When someone is unemployed there living budget dwindles. You have to make priority choices. The original payment plan was with original creditor, BBVA, and NO
  2. Let the fun begin! I am new here, and there is a ton of great information on here! I am thankful. This year, like others, I had a lot of loss. My fiance, father, dog and my job all passed away. I am involved with one estate and one probate case in two other states already. My bandwidth is completely tapped. I know that I can't compete in a legal battle when my heads not in the game. I am looking for a lawyer, licensed in Arizona, specifically Maricopa county to represent my intentions. I have interviewed a few litigation lawyers and many are not "Persolve-familiar". It is obvious Persolv