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  1. Excellent! One more question before I take this to the clerk. Should I eliminate the arbitration part at the end to stay the lawsuit and just go for a straight dismissal? I'm sure having my phone and email on the document is immaterial at this point. RAH
  2. Good Morning @ BackFromTheDebt and others contributing here, I worked my answer yesterday evening and this morning as guided. Attached here is my answer for consideration. I used "deny" for everything except my name. Is it wise to include my mobile number and email address at the end of the answer? The pro se guidance for Arkansas does include it. If this looks sufficient I will file and CMRRR the documents to LBN. Thank you so much for the help. Reading through multiple forums and websites is time-consuming and challenging. RAH HTree LVNV LBN Answer Redact 4 F
  3. That is amazing information. I'm on it and I'll let this forum know how this progresses and if I get stuck on something I'll ask here. Thank you. RAH
  4. @ BackFromTheDebt Thank you so very much for responding so quickly. There is in fact an arbitration agreement that was sent with the complaint which I attached to the original post. It doesn't appear to be super amazing. It says the creditor will pay for one day of arbitration. All of the rest of these things I pretty much have ready to go. I unfortunately am not on active duty at this time. I'm an Air Force Reservist and the security clearance issue is preventing me from obtaining orders. If the issues resolve, then orders would be possible which would then potentially cause p
  5. *bump* Any help out there from anyone? Any vectors from any Arkansans, especially with regard to the magnitude of the debt? The Arkansas arbitration law seems to be clear cut regarding MTC, but I was also recently reading a thread where PRA chased someone into arbitration and it just made the issue worse. This has the potential to already worsen a national security clearance situation I'm handling time now. Much appreciated!
  6. Good Morning, As a student of the process I've been working through this website since I was served on 6 Jan 2021. I knew about this lawsuit previously because advertisements started to pour into my mailbox from attorneys wanting me to declare bankruptcy. BK is not an option over one debt. Since a new thread seems to be the recommended way to go, I present my information for this forum's consideration. 1. Who is the named plaintiff in the suit? LVNV Funding LLC 2. What is the name of the law firm handling the suit? Love, Beal & Nixon P.C., Oklahoma City OK 3. How