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  1. So I spoke to a real estate attorney and he stated there is a us code 12 us code 1701j-3 called the Garn St. Germain act, lots of info there but it prevents banks from asking for full payment and allows you to continue to make payments. He was saying that a lot of people can inherit a home that still has a large mortgage on it and there was nothing preventing banks from taking peoples homes away from them. There is also a lot of other things in this bill. Hope this helps someone else out.
  2. Amex, all 3 of my credit reports show "no information available" from dec 2015 through nov 2018. It says never late then goes directly to charge off in dec 2019. But bofa debt has been sold numerous times, I was just wondering if they would have all the info to prove how much debt I really owe. I disputed the amex through Experion 4 weeks ago, they just say it is still being investigated.
  3. The paperwork that I could find says nothing about the debtor passing away, mostly about keeping the property insured and in good condition and keeping the payments current. Also about fees if paid off early but nothing on the debtor passing away.
  4. So when a bank sells debt to a collection company do they sell the entire account? My debt has been sold several times so if I were to dispute the amount owed what would they do, call the original creditor? If they were not able to prove the amount owed would they not have to remove it from the credit reporting agencies?
  5. I inherited my fathers home and found out he had a HELOC on it, my credit is not good. The loan is current and nothing is delinquent. What is the bank likely to say when I tell them he has passed away? Are they likely to tell me I have to pay in full immediately or let me pay the monthly payments?
  6. Is there a way to get Zombie debt removed from credit bureaus?
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