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  1. Emailed them in the beginning of the arb before fees. They ignored me then as well!
  2. I guess I should start preparing my defense. I did actually owe the debt not sure I have any violations against midland . Anyone got any ideas?
  3. Anyone have any ideas on next steps? I sent an email out to midlands lawyers to see if their willing to settle for a mutual dismissal.
  4. 😰 They’re already about 4,400$ invested in this case guess I’m the test dummy haha
  5. Paulo they just paid the fees to go into arbitration with me. They’re trying to collect 2200. And paid over 4k in fees so far
  6. Update: I waited to see if midland would pay the fees in order to get the arb going. They did so very slowly. Today I got a letter in the mail that they have just payed 3900$ in fees to start the arbitration. They are trying to collect 2200 from me. Looks like I’m going to have to head to arb court. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Ohh gotcha. I just made it simple and wrote something along the lines of debt dispute. I received a packet from the law firm representing midland. Just showed the debt they claim I owe along with statements etc.. I owe about 2k and didn’t think they would pay the fee. But as of yesterday I learned they payed the initial $500 fee. Not sure where to go from here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  8. How did it all turn out? I’m in the exact situation as you. And now they just payed the arbitration fees
  9. We didn’t have a court order as they dismissed the case w/o prejudice. They didn’t file a counter claim I don’t think. They just filed an answer and I learned today they paid the fees. So I guess into arbitration is set to go forward.
  10. Gotcha well it looks like they filed an answer. They sent me the copies, so I’m assuming they’re going to follow me into arbitration for a $2,000 debt
  11. Correct same lawsuit the “with” prejudice was a typo. Sorry about that I meant without prejudice
  12. Whoops major typo I meant without prejudice ***
  13. Original creditor was synchrony bank(PayPal credit) the JDB was midland credit management. I took your advice and filed with AAA (followed the arbitration clause in our contract). So far midlands lawyers haven’t filed an answer. I really don’t have a defense so I would love to settle this. All I want is for them not to sue me again or sell the debt off. How/what should I write to them?
  14. Long story short i was sued by midland funding. Used arbitration as my defense and when we were in court, midlands lawyers dismissed the case without prejudice. It Happened so fast I didn’t know what to think. Anyway I decided to file an arbitration case against them in order for them to not sue me again.what should I write to midland? I just don’t want them suing me again and would be nice to get the collection off my credit report. Thanks!
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