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  1. Gotcha well it looks like they filed an answer. They sent me the copies, so I’m assuming they’re going to follow me into arbitration for a $2,000 debt
  2. Correct same lawsuit the “with” prejudice was a typo. Sorry about that I meant without prejudice
  3. Whoops major typo I meant without prejudice ***
  4. Original creditor was synchrony bank(PayPal credit) the JDB was midland credit management. I took your advice and filed with AAA (followed the arbitration clause in our contract). So far midlands lawyers haven’t filed an answer. I really don’t have a defense so I would love to settle this. All I want is for them not to sue me again or sell the debt off. How/what should I write to them?
  5. Long story short i was sued by midland funding. Used arbitration as my defense and when we were in court, midlands lawyers dismissed the case without prejudice. It Happened so fast I didn’t know what to think. Anyway I decided to file an arbitration case against them in order for them to not sue me again.what should I write to midland? I just don’t want them suing me again and would be nice to get the collection off my credit report. Thanks!
  6. Bugsy

    MTC help

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Seems to be some confusion. My case is with midland credit not the OC. Will a mutual dismissal help me out at all with my credit report? Maybe I can ask them to remove all collections from my CR
  7. Bugsy

    MTC help

    Yea I filed just in case I just said “billing dispute” as the reason. I don’t think I have any fdca violations. If they follow how should I settle it with them?
  8. Hey just wondering how this turned out? I’m literally in the same boat
  9. Bugsy

    MTC help

    Hello everyone I had my hearing this morning and to my surprise the plaintiff (midland credit) asked the court to dismiss the case so I can pursue the motion. Unfortunately they dismissed without prejudice. My question is do I continue to pursue this in arbitration? Or should I just leave it alone? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello everyone, I was sued by midland credit in the state of New Jersey. This morning we had our hearing. When the judge was checking us in via zoom call the plaintiffs atty asked the court to dismiss the case in order for the defendant (me) to compel arbitration. I had a MTC filed, but no hearing date. The judge asked the plaintiff whether it be with or without prejudice. Unfortunately it was w/o prejudice. My question is what do I do next? Do I take them into arbitration even though they technically dropped their case? I still have the collections reporting on my credit profile and was reall
  11. Well long story short I was sued by midland credit. All my research led me to believe that I should file an answer right away. I consulted with legal shield lawyers who advised me to just fill out the paper work and go through the motions. I denied knowing anything about the debt. But I did indeed file an answer. My scheduled court date is February 11th is it to late for me to compel arbitration?
  12. Long story short I found out about the arbitration method very late. As in just now late. I’ve already filed an answer with the court and have a date set for February 11th against midland funding. The original creditor is synchrony bank and there was an arbitration clause in the contract which I still have. Am I too late since I’ve already filed an answer?