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  1. Yes, I was served Dec 28th, the hearing is today Jan 19th. I was nervous so I decided to call a representative at Portfolio recovery Associates that same day I was served to settle this outside of courts and come up with a payment plan. I was told over the phone that if I make a down payment today as well as monthly payments, that that'll through the case out. I agreed gave them my bank account information. They said they would send me the agreement and to not worry about the case. I read in Missouri that you don't have to file an answer you just have to show up but I filed one anyway s
  2. I signed a consent by judgement not knowing what it truly was. I felt like they tricked me into signing based off of the phone conversation, saying that if I made a direct deposit that day they will dismiss the case. As well as the time frame it was sent and the verbaige of the cover letter attached with the consent. Is there anything I can do to get this voided, thrown out? I have a hearing today. I should have found this forum sooner. This verbiage was on the cover letter of the consent and it really confused me: “Should you fail to sign and return the enclosed consent, this