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  1. @WhoCares1000Thank you for your response. That day in question, the Michigan Clerk mentioned that the attorney had requested extended time time anyway along with requesting alternate service. I'd like to think court clerks are honest. I just posted above just getting served I'm actually relieved to tackle it, properly and timely. If you could share your thoughts, I just have some questions, thanks in advance.
  2. If you spot a scam... Tell someone Then tell the FTC ftc.gov ... www.justice.gov › page › file › download PDF If you spot a scam, report it at ftc.gov/complaint. Your reports help ... If you spot a scam... Tell someone ... it easy for scammers to fake caller. ID information, so the ... not celebrating with you, wonder why.... Michigan Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Collection agencies like to use high pressure tactics such as calls to your place of employment, reporting to the credit bureaus, and threats of garnishment. Congress enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to provide protection against abusive and unfair practices. Some states have also enacted laws to provide protection for consumers who are dealing with debt collectors. In Michigan, there are laws that protect consumers from abusive debt collection practices. Michigan has a few different laws to protect consumers. One of which (Mich.Comp.Laws §§339.901 to 339.930) covers debt collectors and repossessors. This law, however, excludes attorneys, financial institutions (such as banks and other lenders) and real estate professionals amongst other entities. Also, this statute is a licensing statute – requiring the debt collector to be licensed to collect in Michigan- and prohibits misleading or deceptive communications, misrepresentations that the oneself as an attorney or credit bureau, simulated legal process, unlawful threats, publications, harassing or oppressive methods. This law also provides for private remedies for consumers to allow a victim recovery of actual damages or $50, or equitable relief. This Michigan law also provides for treble damages or $150 for willful violations, and allows for attorney’s fees for willful violations. In addition, there is Mich.Comp.Laws §§445.251to 445.258 that covers banks, attorneys and creditors. This statute prohibits misleading or deceptive communications, simulated legal process, unlawful threats, publication, harassing or oppressive methods. In this Michigan law, private remedies include recovery of actual damages or $50, or equitable relief. Treble damages or $150 for willful violations. Also allows for attorneys fees for willful violations
  3. @BrotherskeeperYes, I made the call., I am awaiting communication and should have full clarity soon, truly grateful, thank you very much.
  4. @BV80 Thank you. It did not say Administrator, or I would have not have mentioned it.
  5. Reactionary passive aggressive, private messages with a gorilla emoji under different accounts, are probably not a good idea either.(wink)
  6. @Clydesmom, respectfully, what would really truly help is if you would refrain from harassing newbies like myself, if you put your guns back in your holster, and remove your threatening signature from your profile that only serves to feed your ego and that no seeker of advice deserves to read. IAM not convinced you have jurisdictional knowledge, nor do I believe you have the right heart for the vulnerable seeking helpful advice in this forum when comparing your simple replies to the solid and selfless suggestions offered by respectful leaders in this forum, like @BackFromTheDebt, @BV80, @WhoCares1000Administrators and moderators. I question how many of your 1200+ posts have been rightfully and fairly counted as" helpful replies" and not intimidating vague, passive aggressive correction based suggestions focused solely on the advice seekers personality, rather than their principle questions and concerns. Your crass delivery suggests that you've misplaced your sensitivity chip, much like that of a "debt collector" and would do better letting out your aggression in the privacy of your own back yard where people are not at risk of being mentally used as target practice and where you can feel like the smartest person in the room, this intimate forum is not it. You DO NOT take the time to READ any questions or concerns from advice seekers, therefore you are only serving to hinder, discourage and delay time sensitive opportunities that could potentially help others reach a peaceful resolution. Creating baseless threads by asking advice seekers to post clearer forms, and more information before you can answer any question, raises yet another red flag 🚩. So at this point I am going to respectfully ask that the administrators reexamine and investigate the validity of ALL of YOUR 1200+ POSTS, reexamine your residing-STATE(s)/based knowledge, to ensure that your knowledge on Law in all of your claimed JURISDICTION(s)? are fact based and not vaguely general or misleading. I will also suggest reexamining anyone who has found your crass delivery as acceptable, and assisted your numbers by tagging you into a thread, (paying close attention to the welcome of Newbies) for the purpose of protecting the integrity of this site and ensuring that no one lowers the bar of quality information or overshadows the selfless efforts made by proven leaders, who's solid suggestions speak volumes of their good moral character and intentions.
  7. Are subpoena's suppose to be mailed by certified mail? This subpoena is as messy and unclear as I described, therefore I cannot apologize for their scrambled tactic but rather for any selfless human being with a heart to help, who can see beyond the rubbish and simply clarify that Subpoena's if mailed should be Certified Mail(ed)? If so and the order of process of the court was not respected and honored what is the deponent improperly mailed a subpoena, within their rights to do? Do laws of jurisdiction play any part in the subpoena process? Is the Lawyer filing the subpoena, also the one who signs the subpoena in place of a court clerk, and also holds the hearing in their office and take the place of our courts and a Judge? How can I respectfully ask the court to require the attorney to show cause and properly disclose to the court any and all documents of proof substantiating their reasons beyond a doubt to call, tie and depose my chosen (never used) LLC, to this judgement and ensure that they will be held to their oath in telling the truth understanding all consequences under legal merits? Thank you for caring enough to offer some guidance.
  8. @BV80thank you for replying and my apologies for not being clear. I’ve never received a subpoena and never heard of one being mailed by regular mail.
  9. Thank you and no I am not the defendant. My name and LLC (which again I have never used) is being used under the fictitious narrative that this Defendant . rendered services for my LLC.
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