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  1. Holding out for 30%. Doesn't make a difference what I pay them to my credit score just my bank account at this point.
  2. I actually know which law firm they will be handing it off too. They are right down the street from me. It would be a funny scenario if I hired them to represent me on a different matter so Discover couldn't use them. I'm sure they would just find another firm to use eventually.
  3. Just tried again today for 30 but they stuck to their guns at 60. Charge off is today.
  4. Also was in the hardship program and defaulted. I'm going to submit my first offer to them today then update this post. UPDATE: Offered them 30% they countered with 60%. I think I'll hold out a little longer and see if they come down a bit.
  5. Any updates on your situation Dan?
  6. Yes the little they know the better. I'll give updates as they progress
  7. Thank you for replying I've read through tons of your posts on this forum appreciate everything you do here. Sounds like I should just contact them directly and start negotiating? I want to be clear with them I would be gifted the money from a family member if they agree to a reasonable settlement paid in full.
  8. Hello I'm in Virgina about to have my account referred to attorney in late February. The debt is about 13k and I'm not disputing I legally owe it. I can get about 5k cash and would consider offering to settle with them before it goes it court or arbitration. Has anyone successfully done this before they were sued by Discover?