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  1. Everything looks good to go, can't say this enough you guys are awesome!
  2. @nobk4me I was surprised as well since the judge hadn't actually ruled on the motion yet. But I will take it lol. Also good information to know @firsthardcheese . When I receive my final forms I will let you guys know as well.
  3. No worries just the threat forced them to settle didn't get out free but I'm happy with my results they agreed and I came out satisfied. This site and the information I have been given has been so helpful. The Lawyer said she will get the paperwork mailed to me and they agreed to dismiss both lawsuits with prejudice. So now I just wait on the paperwork to confirm the terms are correct, submit the agreed upon payment and I should be good. If anyone has any questions or wants to look at anything I submitted let me know. I'm happy to help in anyway I can. Thank you all once again!
  4. Understood I will offer to settle only for dismissal with prejudice or proceed with arbitration. Honestly I have no case but seems that most just stop once arbitration begins, a question about arbitration will I need to separate arbitration cases for my two debts?
  5. It was them wanting to reach a settlement on both lawsuits, they offered me half I advised I am not currently in a position to accept any offer at this time and will have to review my records for any consideration. She said she pulled the servicing of my 2nd lawsuit as well. They are not wanting Arbitration at all. To be honest I'm ok with settling just to be done with it but I'm unsure of a good counter. Should I just request dismissal without prejudice and see what they say to that? I have not completed the 250 arbitration fee yet either so honestly if I can get out of this with less than th
  6. The Law Office being used just called me and ask to talk, I explained I am busy working right now. Is it a good or bad idea to call back and if I do call back what sort of things do I want or need to avoid. Thanks for any help.
  7. So I have 2 lawsuits, both are Calvary and both are from Citi credit cards, one is 987 the other is around 2700. I just wanted to create a post in case I get into some trouble and need additional assistance because you guys are awesome! I have spent hours reading as much as I could on here and believe I understand the process a little. So I have only been served one lawsuit the 987 amount. I will attach below. I just completed and filed my answers today in person. The Clerk was supper awesome and made sure everything was formatted right. I filed my Motion for arbitration with my answers as we
  8. So I am basically in the same exact boat and have used this to format my own answers. Is this still being monitored by anybody or do I need a new thread?