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  1. Thank you! I just called county clerk, and she advised judge will determine whether to schedule hearing for my mtc. I’m hoping that would postpone the pre-trial hearing. i guess I’m surprised the plaintiff didn’t send anything prior to pre-trial, but then I don’t know when discovery requests are filed anyway.
  2. Also, I have not received anything from plaintiff since original filing. Should I have received request for discovery or something prior to pre-trial hearing?
  3. Thanks all! I filed my answer, and my motion to complete arbitration (have not heard on this yet). We have a pre-trial hearing next week, and am trying to sort out what to expect at that time. I suppose I continue to assert that I would like arbitration?
  4. Hi! I am so happy to have found you guys! I have done a bunch of reading up on the forum, and am about to file my answer. I have included an affirmative defense to arbitration. My cc agreement states that either party must give 30 days notice to other party to resolve claim prior to starting arbitration. I guess I'm confused - do I first get judge to grant motion for arbitration and then send letter to JDB that I am requesting arbitration, wait 30 days, and then file demand for arbitration with either AAA or JAMS? I am super nervous. I tried to negotiate a lump sum payment with Rausch &am