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  1. Hi and thank you for responding @BV80- I will upload the redacted paperwork in a bit (gotta get to the computer with those files). I just looked at the court site again and noticed an issue I had not seen prior - I DID Answer to Complaint Filed by H&H, however, per court website, my answer/response doesn’t show up for this case. I DO have tracking and proof of delivery to the court before it's due date, so this too is in error (wow). The reason I caught this today is because H&H actually filed on 2 cards I had with Citibank, and 1 case shows the fee waiver approval and answer fi
  2. Hi to all - hopeful someone can advise. I was served by Hunt and Henriques, and I sent all requested paperwork back to them (interragories, etc) before they were due - slow mail but it arrived on the due date before the due time. Well, I looked into the court page to see if there was any general movement, and I noted that H&H filed for default judgement and it was entered in last month. I haven't received anything from the courts yet on this. I am not sure what to do - should I point out the error to H&H (mail/letter) and ask them to remove this? From what I have googles, looks l