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  1. i dont know what to do .. i never been in this situation before.. i dont know what is my next step..
  2. i just received the court date (packet) from S&H Feb 2021, the complaint was sent Dec 2019, i replied to the Summon & Complaint Jan 2020, ( i request the same information) in my answer that i filed in court (Jan 2020). i never heard from them again.. till this month (Feb 2021) with court date March 29, 2021.
  3. Sept 2019 i received a letter from S&H stating that " Barclay delaware Bank Referred my account to collect unpaid debt. i reply to verify few information's: I have to back first in July 2019 another collection agency contacted me for the same account, and in Sept 2019 another Agency contacted me also, and in Sept when i received the letter from S& H. 1) full account no ( not XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1234) 2) signed contract between me and Barclay Bank 3) Referral letter (Barclay to S&H) it was ignored, instead i was sent statements.. i sent another letter to ask th