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  1. Just wondering if WebBank ever reports positive info to the credit bureaus. In particular, their Klarna product can be attractive when they offer promotional 0% for 12 month financing. A non-reporting tradeline is also nice when you want to keep your visible debt ratio down, but it would be nice to pick up the positive payment history when all is said and done. Any experience with them?
  2. Just wondering if there are any circumstances in which I am legally required to disclose a discharged bankruptcy that happened more than 10 years ago? Job application? Mortgage application? etc If I say "no / none" to any such inquiry, am I within my rights to be dishonest about it?
  3. I have a 3-year old Electric bill that is with a Collections Agency. The original creditor will accept payment directly from me (in full and that's OK with me). However, how do I make sure that the Collection Agency will stop reporting the delinquency and not merely report it as "paid?" I don't want any CAs appearing on my credit report. The electric company is not exactly a business that will simply negotiate or write me a promise to stop reporting or anything like that. But I want to do more than just pay the bill and hope for the best. Suggestions?
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