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  1. Thank you for your response. However, I don't think your advice applies in my situation, but I've been wrong before. You told me I should wait for the statue of limitations (5 years) to pass before I address the Chase Auto issue because Chase could counter sue me. However, I am what some call "Judgment Proof". My only income is my SSDI for the cancer & I do not own a home or vehicle (since the repossession by Chase). Wouldn't that eliminate a possible counter suit? As far as the medical bills & the providers being able to refuse service due to my outstanding balance. The few
  2. In August 2018 I was diagnosed with stage 3b high-grade sarcoma at 41 years old & ultimately was approved for SSDI of which I'll be on for awhile. I have had a rough few years as the only income for my household & 2 kids in college. I was on a machine for over 9 months & had homehealth care nurses 3x a week for over a year. 9 months after I was 1st diagnosed I had a major reoccurrence & I have had to repeat the entire treatment process again. During treatment I had a 3 month lapse in my medical insurance due to my employer back canceling my policy. They didn't contact insu