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  1. I also filed both an FTC complaint and a complaint with the CFPB against their company. I also just filed a complaint with the attorney general for my state.
  2. I checked and this still isn't on my credit report. I just sent them a debit validation letter and further reminded them that I already disputed this debt successfully and it was removed from both credit bureaus. I also reported in my letter that I am demanding arbitration if they continue to try to collect this debt.
  3. I successfully removed a debt collector from both my credit reports due to identity theft/fraudulent amount. The Midland Credit Management says I owe $7,795.52 in a pre-legal letter that says to pay by 3/20/21 or attorney review and a lawsuit will be their next step. I think I sent them a debt verification letter years ago and that's how I got it removed from my credit report at both Bureaus, but I can no longer find a copy of it. My computer went bad. They say that the original creditor is Synchrony Bank for "PayPal Credit" not a credit card. It says is was charged off 3/