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  1. I just received the JAMS arbitration thing -- they are requiring Paypal to pay the 1750 arbitration fee before the end of June. What are the chances you think they would do that?
  2. So you quoted However, the arbitrator will have the authority to award fees and costs of attorneys, witnesses and experts to the extent permitted by the Agreement, But what agreement does that mean? Does that apply to JAMS? I heard some arbitration places don't award those kinds of costs.
  3. I just don't think they will settle before court and JAMS is better to buy time.
  4. Does Jams charge those kinds of arbitration fees realistically? I attached the relevant arbitration agreement. arbitration clause.pdf
  5. Just wanted to clarify so why would the fees be more with JAMS instead of court? You are giving a range of 7-20K for JAMS instead of court.
  6. I just filed a JAMS demand and want to try a motion to compel arbitration. Do you think that will work?
  7. It has everything filled in but the court number. Plaintiff is Synchrony Bank.
  8. Yes they sued me - but didn't file it in court because no court no. But what's the point of this?
  9. But in their complaint Rausch Straum says they are "attorneys and debt collectors for its claim against defendant."
  10. What language did you use for the MTC arbitration? I just got sued by the same group.
  11. Would I need to pay fees to reply to their lawyer since there is no case # and do I need to apply for IFP to apply for a motion?
  12. It says in the packet it gots to go to the court too. But it did not have an address or phone number to send that stuff at the court.
  13. So can I still object to their claim about residing in that county? Since I visit others and plan on moving?
  14. THe address is mostly correct -- But they said i am residing in a county that I am to prove juisdiction, but I have lived periodically with friends and visited others in different counties. I get mail at the address indicated but they didn't put N in the address and mail gets misdirected without north. I started a draft with Solo Suit website and waiting for their reply and assistance. They don't do motion prep
  15. Am I entitled to waiver of arbitration fees? I am under the federal poverty guidelines
  16. Yes, I had a card but it had identity theft charges on it and they refuse to stop harassing me about the debt. They only sent me statements and then sued me automatically despite my telling them I dispute the debt.
  17. So there's no way to file a motion to dismiss? -- I already asked them to arbitrate and they just sued me.
  18. But how do I reply to that -- where do I get examples of motions to file? I don't know how to put that language together.