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  1. Actually it's a lump sum payment of $7389 to resolve the debt in full. They want me to sign the consent dismissal and send it back to them. My worries are the way that the consent dismissal is worded, it kind of makes it seem that they can come after me for the remaining balance. First off, it calls for dismissal without prejudice, which to my knowledge means that they can potentially come after me for the remaining balance? Also, in the consent dismissal it does state "installment payment". I just don't want them to act like I "re-affirmed" the debt or anything like that. It's nowhere close t
  2. So aside from this court document, I should ask for a written agreement from Cap-1's attorneys as well? I just want to be sure that after I pay the settlement amount I won't be on the hook for litigation or the remaining balance at some time in the future. So far, all I've received from the attorney's is this consent dismissal form, which they want me to sign and email back to them. My concern so far is that the consent dismissal form calls for dismissal "without prejudice". To the best of my knowledge this means they could still file further litigation down the road. Than again, it also state
  3. I'm being sued by Capital One for $10,555. I've been served papers and I have filed an answer and we have a pre-trial date set of 6/16/21. We have come to an agreement verbally over the phone to settle this debt for $7,389. I asked for them to provide the settlement agreement in writing. Attached is the agreement that they sent me. Consent Dismissal.pdf
  4. Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my post. I am being sued by Capital One, who are being represented by the law firm Weber & Olcese here in Michigan. The total debt owed to Capital 1 is $10,555.00. Back in May of 2020 Capital One contacted me (by phone) and offered to settle this debt with a one time lump sum payment of $5,800. I did not have the funds to settle it at that time. Also it was a scary time for me with the Covid 19 pandemic just hitting its peak and uncertainty if I would retain my job because of it. I received a summons last week to appear in court for the
  5. First a little background. A few years ago I got into some financial hot water and stopped paying several credit card accounts in order to pay my mortgage and put food on the table. I had about 6 different credit accounts that were defaulted on. Over the last 6 months I have been clearing these accounts up by settling the debts in full with partial payments. There are 2 accounts remaining and both of the accounts are being represented by the same Michigan based lawfirm (Weber&Olcese). The accounts are as follows: Portfolio Recovery Associates: $1077 Capital One: $10,500