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  1. Background info: I was in $25k of credit card debt Thru DebtorBoards and many hours of research and reading, i successfully fought every single JDB and OC with our methods and have succeeded every time. I have never sued OC/JDB for FDCPA or TCPA
  2. I have filed initial paperwork with JAMS and have requested $250 from OC and JDB. i have not filed my motion to compel arbitration but will file few days prior to court. For now I have filed generically denial and awaiting a court date to be announced.
  3. I have fought the cc companies back successfully til SOL took away their options. However this is my very first court case. OC is Synchrony Bank- Walmart i was served papers 3 days ago to which I have already filed a general denial and will submit to court today. I have already opened a case in JAMS and will mail OC and their attorney request for funds for arbitration as per their cc agreement.