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  1. Hello Everyone! Thank you so very much for your responses. It has been very helpful thus far. I am experiencing a similar situation where all of my creditors have valid documents when I did the debt validation, so I do not see an issue with them getting a judgement if they were to file a suit. Luckily for me, a lawsuit has not been filed yet. I'm just getting letters from attorney's about how serious they are about suiting me. I am planning on reaching out to a BK attorney today. I tried for the last two years to pay off the debt, unfortunately my category
  2. Hello, I am planning on starting the process of requesting arbitration against a lawyer who is representing an original creditor that I owe. Ultimately, I am working extra hour to save enough money for the retainer fee I need to file bankruptcy. However, I am trying to prevent a garnishment from being awarded while I do so. They sent off a demand letter in February and I sent back a validation request within the 30 day time frame requesting the original agreement. I have the original agreement but it has a "Matters not covered by Arbitration" clause. Overall it reads, "I agree that Lende