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  1. Thank you for the truth here. Very helpful. I am still going to attempt to fight this. I mean, what do I have to lose? I will try to put this on my divorce from my husband as you stated. I will not file bankruptcy. I am too old to start all over. Even though it sounds good, in theory. I think it takes 10 years for it to come off your credit report. I really don't want that. That will put me at 65. At that last leg in the race, I think I want to jog to the finish line instead of going full throttle.
  2. No. Citi was the original creditor. Sears Citibank. Out of Kentucky. Thank you for the links. I will check them out. I went to court and it's now moving from pretrial to discovery period and then trial in July. I feel much better after finding out more information. I am more confident they will either bite at my offer of settlement or keep spending hundreds of dollars for a local attorney to represent them. Stenger & Stenger. This firm is downright predatory.
  3. This is a municipal court. A local court in my city where I live. The debt was originally from Sears Citi Mastercard. The court paper says it is a civil lawsuit. I am not trying to get away with not paying anything. I called Stenger and Stenger and they didn't want to budge but for 500.00 on a 3K debt. Mind you, this 3K is not the REAL debt. The real debt is far less but when you factor in all the late fees, higher interest, and other penalties, it's very inflated. I would say by 20%. All I want to know is what can I do TOMORROW morning in court to stop this judgement. I really don't want this because I am finally starting to recover from my soon to be ex-husbands horrible financial abuse and foresee this could stop all chances of me to get stronger in financial health. Please just tell me if I can stall this in some way. Is there some Ohio revised code that will stop this predator from collecting on me? I can pay 1k of the 3k, but outside of that, with covid and reduced work, I am limited. There are all kinds of help solutions for people except this. For instance, student loan forgiveness, ppp loans with guaranteed forgiveness, etc. Why don't they have something for those who are struggling? What do I say to this judge tomorrow morning? I am nervous and sick.
  4. I have a civil court date motioned by Stenger & Stenger for a debt owed that was charged off in 2018. This was a debt incurred by my ex-husband (still in divorce proceedings) whom financially abused me which is why this case is here in the first place. My question is, Is there anything that I can tell the judge to help me either win this case and not pay this debt that was already charged off for 3 years, OR is there a way I can defer payment arrangements until my divorce is final OR is there a way that I can ask the judge to consider a 25% of the debt paid in full? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Cyndi M.
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