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  1. Hi all, I want to start my Debt Settlement, after reading a few posted articles I hope it works out. Since I am a rookie I might have some naïve questions..so please be gentle with me.😉 Where can I sign up with Veritras for Legal Protection? Anyone did it? I know this sounds crazy, but I managed to have 23 open accounts and had not been late on any. Needless to say my overall Credit usage is up at 52%. Making minimum payments. my fico is 678. I am maxed out. Even though I still have a little air but my Personal Loans are killing me together with 3 CCs that are high monthly mini
  2. I came across a statement on the CIC website that's confusing.... I wonder what information do they have on me while I negotiate with them. And what do you actually answer them when they ask? Anyone had ant experience with it? Thanks Never Disclose Where You Work or Bank If you are asked, refuse to give out this info. Why? If your settlement falls through, and the creditor gets a judgment against you, knowing where you bank or work will make it easy to collect on the judgment. In addition, this is none of their business and not relevant to the matter at hand.
  3. same here! I wish I can find a more recent Journey out there.🙂