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  1. @BackFromTheDebt @BV80 Thank you both, I send them a Demand for Production of Documents, would it matter if I submit Motion to Compel Arbitration to court even after i sent them a DPD?. On my answer I added Affirmative Defenses but unfortunately I didn't added arbitration Here are the Affirmative Defenses I used 1. Plaintiff's claims are barred in whole or in part by the doctrines of laches, equitable estoppel, and unclean hands. 2. Plaintiff's claims are barred in whole or in part because of a failure to mitigate damages. 3. Plaintiff's claims are barred in whole or
  2. @BV80 Thank you so much, I have a question you might be able to help me, so I came across other posts on here regarding Motion to Compel Arbitration. The bank of the debt is with Synchrony Bank and I know they have a good Arbitration section on the credit card agreement. Since I already filed my Answer with the court and with JDB, they started the discovery. Can I try to Motion to Compel Arbitration with the court? even if the discovery started. I am in the county of Alameda and this is what it stats on Motions MOTIONS In every case, to
  3. @BV80 thank you for your response and Yes I read it but I don't understand that part should I send CCP 96 / CCP98 after sending my response ? like two weeks after?
  4. I really need help pleasee. I went off from this post did mostly all steps I have been sued by PRA, I was served with a summons on 1/22 I submitted my answer with the court on 2/17 and sent copy to Junk buyer lawyer. I didn’t t hear anything from them until 3/17 they sent me Interrogatories set one, Request Admission set one and Demand for Production of Documents due 4/19. So I sent them a Request for Demand for Production of Documents also due by 4/19 but Now I am literally stuck after this Once I send my respond what is next?