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  1. I received it pretty quickly, about 20 days. I'm filing for MTC Arbitration tomorrow; Interestingly, I checked the court records online in LA County and searched civil cases that included Discover. I found that from April thru Aug 30 2000, there were only 30 cases filed; from 9/1 thru 12/31/20, there were 3757!! Ouch. From 9/1-4/30/21 there were 6787. This is just one major city; multiply that by 20-30 cities around the country and they have to be unbelievably busy, I can't imagine them keeping accurate records on so many cases; And they will probably be more open to quickly settle, I'm ho
  2. I just settled with MRS Associates (CHASE); Total Owed $12,697 on two cc accounts; Their offer letter to me was $2031 for both; I called and basically told them my situation: "not working due to Covid, need to settle 6-8 other creditors, don't have a lot of money, I am calling a few today to see who will work me with me, I only have $1500 to work with right now and I'm hoping we can work something out." I didn't mention the letters, so the rep tried to offer $3000 for just one of the accounts. I just said, there is no way I can do that, I only have $1500. Then she came down to $2000; I
  3. I agree. I'll continue to post as I progress on this journey. I'm learning a lot here. Thanks again!
  4. Thank you very much for your replies and advice. These are all personal credit cards; however, some purchases made were for business inventory. Would that cause them to be considered 'business cards'? And I agree, this is a pretty low offer, so I will probably take it so I can focus on the other cases.
  5. I have 10 credit card accounts totaling about $60K, no payments made for the past 10 months - my business was closed (and still is) due to Covid in CA. It seems most accounts have been charged off and/or sold because I'm starting to get letters from 3rd party collectors; So far, Discover is the only one who has sued me for $5600. Today, I received a letter from MRS for two accounts(Chase Bank) totaling $12,500; they included an offer for a lump sum payment of $2031 to settle both accounts due by 4/28/2021. That seems pretty good to me - its 16%. But I know if that is their first offer, they
  6. I'm being sued by OC (Discover) using the law firm S&H for $5600. I already filed my Answer. I then received their "Request for Admissions" on 4/13/21 and I have until 5/18/21 to respond. After reviewing many posts have, it seems using Arbitration would be my best strategy. My goal is to settle this for about 40-50% or lower if possible, of course; they already offered to accept $3900 before I filed my Answer. My question is: Should I send a letter to S&H requesting that we mutually agree to Arbitration? Or should I just file the MTC? Also, do I need to respond to the Reques
  7. Hi BornFree- In CA, when you file your response to their initial complaint, you have to pay $225 filing fee; after that, I don't think you have to pay anymore; you just have to answer their request (and send your own) directly with S&H. Just be sure to file it before the 30 days deadline. Good Luck!
  8. Hi, I'm in a similar position with Discover, but I waited/ignored the calls until they sued me - I had no money to settle or pay at the time anyway. I owe $5600. Before I filed my response, they offered to settle for $3900 or make payments for the full amount over 48 months. I just received their 'Request for Admissions' two days ago. Our hearing date is set for Feb 2022. There was never any mention of arbitration. I am in California. I'm being sued by Suttell & Hammer on behalf of Discover Bank. So, at this point, should I try calling to settle or send my response to their Requ