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  1. I sent a letter electing arbitration and not heard anything and on 1st account I filed answer and MTC sand that was in April and not heard anything on that either
  2. @BackFromTheDebtdo I send it CRRR this is synchrony agreement
  3. @BackFromTheDebt Dear Portfolio Recovery Assciates, LLC Regarding the account referenced above Pursuant to the cardholder agreement, I ELECT arbitration via JAMS to resolve our disputes. Will this do or do I need to add anything
  4. @BackFromTheDebt do I just send a letter electing arbitration first or after I file with JAMS and also do I put consumer dispute since no case has been filed in court yet on this one
  5. The green card from certified mail was signed for may 6 and I haven’t heard anything yet ! I did have an order with MTC
  6. The offer is at 75 percent right now . I never got a pre-legal letter with first lawsuit . They bought the accounts 6 months apart so I figured lawsuit would be next step if I didn’t accept this offer. I just don’t know how to negotiate a lower settlement
  7. I have until Friday to accept PRA offer on an Synchrony account they bought . Can I tell them I want arbitration to keep them from filing lawsuit and maybe getting an offer of a 50 percent settlement? I am already in one lawsuit with them that I filed an MTC on but haven’t heard anything or been to court yet . I was wanting to avoid the stress of another lawsuit
  8. The way I took it was I would be getting a court date from PRA in mail as no court date has been filed yet
  9. All the lady at clerks office said was I would be hearing from PRA by mail
  10. I asked and they said I would get something from PRA and I’ve not received anything from them or the court about a date . I got the green cards back where attorney received papers may 7
  11. Still haven’t heard anything from PRA or court since I filed my answer and MTC on April 23 . I sent an email with copy of answer and MTC on May 6th to their attorney no response on this account . But couple days ago received a letter from Portfolio on the other account they have on me from another credit card thru synchrony for 2600 offering me 3 different payment options was needing opinions should I set up payments to avoid being sued on this and avoid another lawsuit or what do you think chances are of them settling both with some sort of monetary settlement since I have elected arbitration on the first lawsuit that I’m still waiting to hear something from .
  12. Checked USPS website this morning and the certified letter I sent PRA attorny last Friday has not been signed for yet ! Should I take pics of filed documents and email to their attorney?
  13. Ok thanks so now it’s just a wait but in meantime I’m getting my JAMS filled out ready to send and I still haven’t emailed PRA attorney
  14. How long does it usually take to hear a reply back from PRA ? What should I expect next if anyone knows
  15. Can someone please respond to this please ,!! I
  16. I filed my answer and MTC this morning! I asked about a date for hearing on MTC and she said I would be hearing from PRA by mail about a date to appear . She also said I needed mail copy of papers to PRA , I sent a copy of what I was taking to the court to file to PRA attorney before I went to clerks office do I need to send to PRA also? Another question do I send a copy after it has been stamped filed ? Sorry but this is a first for me
  17. Yes I have their email address. I’m going in the morning to file my answer and MTC and certify mail PRA attorney. So I send PRA first then go to clerks office to file right ? Then do I present my answer first or MTC ? I have so much anxiety right now !!
  18. So in my answer and certificate of service I had put Portfolio and their address should I change this to attorneys name and address
  19. Do I send copy of my answer , MTC and letter electing arbitration all together to portfolio associates ,and a set to their their lawyers ? Or just portfolio since they are the plaintiff
  20. I think I will stick with the one I’ve been served on already first . Another quick question since they haven’t filed suit YET i can’t remember if they have sent a letter asking for payment on the 2nd one for 2600 so could I send them a DV letter for it although it would be past 30 days since I don’t remember a letter being sent ?
  21. True🙁 I was just trying to figure out a way to stop another summons from coming . The one I’m working on now has stressed me to max and I have read and read
  22. Ok thanks, when I file for my arbitration can I include that account as well to JAMS since it is same JDB and synchrony bank agrrement
  23. I was served a summons last week by Portfolio for a Synchrony Bank credit card 1600.00 . I am getting my papers ready for MTC and answer my complaint but in checking my credit report I have saw they have another collection from synchrony bank for a different credit card in amount of 2600 they haven’t sued for yet . Can I send them a elected arbitration letter to keep from them filing suit on it ?
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