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  1. Thanks for this context. I think it mirrors where this stands now. Update below: The court had dismissed the case without prejudice given I didn't live at the address or in the state they filed. Midland said they were going to give a settlement # (per The attorney in my corner) but they never responded with that number. My legal said Midland could file again but recommended we don't seek out a settlement unless Midland approaches us with a number first. Anything seem out of the ordinary here? Are there any other steps I should take in general given this is still hanging out th
  2. Solid advice. I'll see what they offer and report back. Thank you.
  3. Update. Attorney (family friend) called Midland attorney. Midland is withdrawing the complaint and summons. They are going to get back to my attorney with a reduced amount. Is that a good outcome? My gut says there was a misstep in there somewhere. Isn't a reduced amount often a win for Midland? Any advice on what I should say to my attorney?
  4. New development - There was a summons delivered in the last 72 hours to the home in Indiana where the rest of the correspondences went. So now that a summons has appeared, based on the verbiage - it sounds like I have 20 days to respond from the date served. Not sure why it would only be delivered now as it was electronically filed over a month ago. But again, I am inexperienced in court cases - so maybe that is common. This changes the narrative for me - as I assumed they proceeded with the hearing already. But now I understand that is not the case. Does this change anythi
  5. Thank you for the site recommendation, predicted outcome and attention. Much appreciated!
  6. Thanks for your reply. There is a case filed in early April. The chronological summary includes 3 parts: 1) Appearance Filed. 2) Complaint Filed 3) Subpoena/Summons filed. Regarding 1, it says 'Certificate of Service - I hereby certify that a true and correct copy has been served upon the defendant,MY NAME, etc etc. References trial law X that they followed. SIGNED - Midland Attorney Regarding 3, it reads an answer must be filed within 20 days or 23 days if received by mail or a judgement may be rendered for demand by plaintiff. There is a "return of service of summons" but it is bl
  7. Midland looking to recover debt from me on behalf of synchrony. Amount less than $2000. The address Midland has for me is a relative's home in Indiana. I have lived in a different state for years. Therefore, all notices have gone to that Indiana residence. Family notified me of the following: 1) pre-legal notice sent late summer 2020. 2) Intent to file lawsuit notice if not paid by "XXX date" sent late fall 2020. 3) This was the last I heard anything from my family about Midland until family member contacted me May 1. They noted they saw my name in local paper unde