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  1. Thank you for the correct wording, i made those changes Unfortunately I received a letter in the mail today from the court. I had sent a request to the plaintiff for discovery but I did not attach an order with it so now I have to deal with that. My question would be since I need an order, should I have Named it “Motion to Compel”. I thought I had to request and wait for no response first. And am I allow to change what I requested? I would like to add what you suggested above even though I requested the Purchase agreement, my words may not be as powerful as that. What next? ,
  2. I was given an extra 20 days to respond, twice now. First on the complaint and now this. The court is lenient on Pro se. But this is it for getting it turned. even if I loose, at least I’m trying and learning.
  3. okay. i am going to get busy finishing the interrogatory questions. You have all given me great advise as to what I need to ask but most importantly, how to respond to the answer afterwards in order to disqualify this affiant. I’m still going to send in the OMSJ to dispute the facts. I’m uploading the OMSJ, let me know what you all think of it. Anything I should add or remove? This is a basic Junk Debt Buyers case. Thanks everyone. and to think I gave that “” a smidgin of my time. Scan May 28, 2021 at 6_56 AM.pdf
  4. Thank you for responding so quickly, I hate being in a time crunch. I’ve requested the Purchase Agreement so I can see the terms and conditions, also an addendum that is mentioned on the “generic” Bill of Sale. They have sent me the Bill of Sale twice, once with the complaint and again with the MSJ. Alaska courts do not like to sign those off unless they have to. For the Pro se, they allow extra time to respond to just about everything. I’m working on the Interrogatory questions now. I already have my Opposition to MSJ done I haven’t turned that in yet, I have until 6/8. Do I sub
  5. i noticed that the Affaints date of reviewing Account Holder records with CPS is months before the affidavit was ever signed. Can this be a cause to dismiss? Scan May 27, 2021 at 6_20 PM.pdf
  6. I am filling out request for Production, I know I want the Full Purchase Agreement from Cavalry. This is for a debt collection lawsuit by a JDB. They have given me the Bill of Sale twice now and added a couple more monthly statements. 1.). Should I request all the statements? 2.). What questions should I ask? 3.). If I don’t ask one on this form can it be asked later at trial? They have filed a Motion for Summary Judgement and that is due tomorrow. I just found out about this TF 255 form to request info and ask questions. I called clerks office and asked if