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  1. Hi I am just starting to take control of my credit was hoping I could get direction on how to attack my issues. Here are the details of my credit reports Experian: Score 580 2 Credit cards payments are on time and 15% Utilization Rate 1 Auto Loan with three late payments 30 days, 30 days and 60 days late 1 Bank Charge off, credit card $5,000 its 7 years 1 month old but still hasnt been removed from my account 5 Credit Card inquires 1 Loan Inquiry. Equifax: Score 547 2 Credit Cards Payments are on time 15% Utilization rate 1 Auto Loan 2 Late payments 30 D
  2. I signed up for and I was told that it will be hard to have Inquires and negatives removed from my credit report because that website is owned by Experian and now they have all information which means they can confirm any dispute I make. Is this true and if so what should I do or is it to late.