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  1. Thank you for the replies. The card was opened in 2015 so the arbitration won't work. The threatening calls were made several times over several months. They threatened to have me arrested if I did not return their call. They threatened to contact my employer and show up at my place of business. They left these same messages on my kids voicemails. Unfortunately I did not save the voicemails. I do have a call record of the phone numbers and times they called. I downloaded Mr. Number and I blocked the calls that came from their million numbers. That app saves the information. The app would eithe
  2. I was served papers by the sheriffs office and I'm being sued by Midland Credit for a Capital One credit card. I read the other reports on here about this horrible company. I do not have my original credit card agreement to see if it has the arbitration clause. I have not had any contact with Midland or the attorney. Midland repeatedly called me numerous times a day from several different area codes. I kept blocking the numbers. They threatened me over the voicemail several times. They called my kids and did the same thing. Obviously most people have been effected with Covid but it seems Midla