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  1. Hey i was able to look at the information what do you think about this MTC-MCM.doc
  2. Ok i will look for that tag... any and all information is helpful at this point. I so thank you like for real
  3. OK great I will look at this and review
  4. i will review an start over ..nothing to it but to try
  5. man thank you... no i am here to listen an learn i am afraid but i will go afraid..i TRULY thank you for this because i just want to give up. NO i am listening i have never done this and i am so overwhelm so thank you ..New out on this staring now
  6. Thanks You are right i can afford a judgment. no i can not afford wage garnishment and bank levies ...oh my thought of all of this is making me sick. As it relates to violations of laws , the only thing i heard about lately is how the letters that are sent from JDB are a violation HIPPA i saw a video over the weekend and it talked how a JDB was asked how are the letters produces and by whom, if they are sent to an outside company that should happen as by law they should not provider my information to anyone. put i have no proof of that yes so that is why i put t
  7. what about this part below here they talk about it being unrelated to debt collection
  8. help needed… it looks like I will not be able to do the arbitration with AAA it’s going to require me to pay the fee because I’m initiating it so that’s a no go I don’t have the funds for that at this time but I wanted to get some feedback on how I should respond to the interrogatories and omission from MCM their interrogatories are as follows 1. State your full correct name and any other name or nickname by which you have ever been known me- will give name as the name that is showing on the compliant is not updated 2. State your present complete in residential addr
  9. Also I meant to say when the attorney office sent me my interrogatories and request for documentation and admission they also sent a copy of somebody else that they was suing in the state of North Carolina as well so I have all of their information is there anything that I can do about that I will try to reach out to that person to let them know at least that their information was in my packet that was sent by the attorney office
  10. i reached out to AAA and this is what they sent i am assuming that i have to pay if i initiate you know if that is true because reading the trems of the CC it stated that they will pay... Consumer Fee Schedule.pdf The_Home_Depot_Consumer_Credit_Card_Agreement.pdf
  11. thanks so very much......... in doing research on the NC laws.... here what i found and with this information that was sent in the summons it looks like MCM has all this stuff...what do you think § 58-70-115. Unfair practices. No collection agency shall collect or attempt to collect any debt by use of any unfair practices. Such practices include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) Seeking or obtaining any written statement or acknowledgment in any form containing an affirmation of any debt by a consumer who has been declared bankrupt, an acknowle
  12. here is what i found on Arb in NC CourtOrderedArbRules.pdf
  13. Thank you thank you i called the courthouse today and was told it is already flagged for arbitration is that different ....tomorrow I will go up there and try to file that motion... the clerk of court said is already flagged for arbitration... so she had me confused... I talked to AAA and was sent the arbitration process and forms to fill out