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  1. Final bankruptcy means the liquidation of the company and the sale of its property. However, this does not mean that shareholders will necessarily receive their share when dividing assets.Only if something remains after covering all the debts, minority shareholders can count on a small compensation proportional to the number of securities. To avoid bankruptcy, I recommend trading on https://litefinance-vi.com/ with trusted brokers.
  2. Ok, you wrote it back in 2018 so I hope that you saved the BTC you had and sold it this winter)) But the posibility that what I say happend is too low, I know. Guys, even if you loose an amount of money big or not it teaches you a lot. Makes you realize what moves were wrong so that you won't repeat them. I have invested in bitcoin many years ago on spot and now I have millions on my account. Thinking about converting some bitcoin that remained on https://paydepot.com/news, but am still not sure if I should do that.)
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