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  1. Who cares 1000, I had old inquiries that were removed, Discover is the charge off, and 2 collections were removed ( approximate total on collections was 3K ). Been laid off since 12/19 living with my son & I have no assets or car.
  2. Last payment around 9/2019, hired a company to help clean credit around 5/25/2021 a agencies updated around 6/3 to 6/5/21
  3. Mr. M

    Last payment was around sept 2019, a company cleaning up my credit started around 5/25/21, all credit bureau were updated 6/3 and 6/5/21, all charge off & collections removed.

  4. A charge off was removed for 10k, then a week later I received papers from court. Smith Debnam represents Discover cad. filed on 5/27/21 my credit was updated about 6/4/21. Can they still come at me?
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