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  1. Thanks! It looks like I can't get it down quite that low. They require a maximum of 35 monthly payments. But if I could get them down to 60% while still allowing long term payments instead of a single payment, then that would work.
  2. Interesting! I wish this applied to other cards. I defaulted on a card 6 years ago and it went to collections. I paid it off and the collection never showed up, but the original creditor is still on my report. Combined with Midland's 3 month non-reporting policy, this is pretty good incentive for people to pay. Will waiting until they sue prompt them to report early?
  3. I got a Pre-Legal Notification from Midland Credit Management today. I live in Georgia, so if sued it would go to Magistrate Court. The original creditor is Credit One Bank. The amount is almost $850. Their first letter arrived either the last couple days of May or the first few days of June. I was in the hospital then, so a neighbor collected my mail and I don't know when exactly anything arrived. The letter is dated 5/10 and says they acquired the account a couple weeks before that, and it said I had until 6/24 to respond, so this pre-legal thing seems very fast. I have my phone set to block all non-contacts, so maybe that's why? I've been recovering from surgery the last couple weeks, so I haven't given the letter much thought, but I've printed out a debt validation letter and will send it out tomorrow. The Pre-Legal also mentions 6/24 as the deadline to respond or make a payment. I checked Credit Karma and pulled my Transunion and Equifax reports, and neither Credit One nor Midland show up there. Credit One used to be on there, so maybe they deleted the account when they charged off the debt? I've been reading about arbitration on this site, and Credit One has it in their agreement but specify AAA. Midland's site says they won't start reporting if a payment is made within 3 months of first contact, but they haven't offered any kind of settlement amount in their letters and I don't even have as much as they want in my bank account and am still out of work. So I'm just exploring my options right now before contacting them and would appreciate any advice on what to do or how to approach them/what to say.
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