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  1. I think I'm going to attempt to get a pay for delete. If they don't accept that, I think I'll just let it sit and hope in 4 years it doesn't have too much of a hit on the score. Thanks guys.
  2. I think I'll do the settlement payment and call it a day hoping it improves over time. Thanks!
  3. Whocares - Yes, I am behind on the payments for this card and thanks to them piling on late charges it is currently over limit as well by $66. It's a $1,000 limit card. Backfromthedebt - We are planning to start looking into buying a house in the next 3-4 years so I have that much time to get my credit in the best shape as possible by then. That's why I wondering how bad it was for the score to have that note of taking a settlement would be and if it's even worth it. 1. I would do this if it weren't for still having a monthly payment but I realize it's probably the best option. Problem is as long as I owe on this, if I made minimum payment (which is likely since I'm on a very tight budget) half of it goes towards interest and it would be about three years before I paid it off. I want to avoid all of this. 2. I can do the 60% settlement now but how does that look on the report in 3-4 years and how will it effect my score? 3. Do not want to let it go this route. As I said, we plan to buy a house in 3-4 years and it needs to be as good as I can get it by then.
  4. I had a Synchrony card that I had a high balance on but it was never over the limit. Synchrony suddenly closed the card for no reason other than I guess because I wasn't using it. Eventually with all the fees and a missed payment or two the card got over the limit. They now offer me a lump sum payment to pay off the card, about 60% of the balance due. I read that this is not really a good thing to do because it leaves a mark on your report that you settled for an amount less than the full balance. What should I do with this card so it doesn't hurt my credit worse? I can pay the overdue amount now but that leaves me with a monthly payment which I do not want. I cannot pay the full balance now either. Let it go into collections? What should I do?
  5. Yes, that was my out of pocket amount after insurance. When you say contact the provider, do you mean the collection agency or the doctor's office? If it's the doctor's office, say I was able to pay them, would that get it removed from my report?
  6. I had a procedure done about three years ago and received two bills totaling just over $1,200. Never paid anything on them and now they are in collections. I'm in the process of cleaning up my credit in anticipation of buying a house in 3-4 years. These two bills are the only items in have in collections. I have contacted the agency about a year ago that holds the debt and they would not negotiate a payoff amount. I am concerned about how long I'll have to wait to get it off my report if I paid it off now but just read something that said if its a medical bill, it is taken off your report as soon as it's paid. Is that true? If it is, I'll pay it now and have it done with. If not, should I pay it now or just let it go till it disappears?
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