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  1. Case in point: I just checked out the Leaderboard link, and discovered I'm still ranked 39th in rep. No big deal. Except I hadn't posted since 2013! 🤣 I know I gots some street cred and all, but I expected to not even see my account anywhere on that page. I So, since its' been 8 freaking years, some vB system update has helpfully changed my password for me. And the email I used was a domain I hosted myself which is long dead, so I can't reset it myself, hence... this MKII account. I wouldn't mind being myself again at some point, I feel like I'm stalking an alter personality when I go reading my old stuff, but it might be something only a Kristi can do--I don't recall if SuperMods have access to the vB user editor panels or not, but I'd just need my email updated. It's kind of weird seeing so many of the same familiar names posting, almost like coming back to a town you haven't seen in years, and the streets and storefronts have changed slightly, but then you realize you've just been punked by Rod Serling, and you've gone back in time, and there's everybody you used to know, sitting on the same front porches, talking about the same things they did all those years ago. Or maybe that's just a long winded description of nostalgia? Anyway, nice to see those of you I recognize again. Don't mind me, I'm just creepin' round your porches eavesdropping for a while.
  2. So generally when someone in collections calls an account "coded" they're making a generic reference to some status code from their internal software system. The more responsible ones attempt to keep track of timelines, actions taken, etc that would affect or trigger certain parts of the various legal requirements to apply to the account. So their system will flag it and when a collector pulls it up, it will show some status code that tells them what actions they're allowed to take, information they're allowed to share, etc. The internal system uses the status coding constantly, to determine which accounts are exported and sent to the bureaus that day (or at end of month), which get placed in dialer (IVR) queues, which get Form Letter #3A automatically printed out on what date, which get included in rollup reports, or credited towards billing their customer (for 3rd party), which accounts get frozen and ignored until the coding changes, or even which are deemed uncollectable and closed out.
  3. I would say tackle this from a different angle. I think you gave up on the financial assistance too soon. Ok, so Ascension broke up the organization up into regional divisions, at some point after you had last talked to them and gotten aid. So you unknowingly sent your application to the Indiana network instead of Tennessee. The people who read that application and approved it should have caught that and either told you, or forwarded the application to the Tennessee network financial assistance dept for them to approve. They did neither. The fact that they actually did approve it is demonstrable evidence that you qualified for aid according to their guidelines, unless each network just has completely different standards for aid qualification--which wouldn't make much sense. I don't know who you've talked to already, but I'd try a phone call to Ascension's main headquarter's billing/financial assistance line and just bypass the local St Thomas people altogether. I put that number down below. If that goes nowhere, step it up a notch. These guys are a faith-based organization who seem to pride themselves on helping people and being pillars of Christian compassion. This is Ascension's mission statement: Two of their core values that should strike home are, Service of the poor — Generosity of spirit, especially for persons most in need Integrity — Inspiring trust through personal leadership And this is the first sentence of the St Thomas Financial Assistance group's webpage: I didn't quote those just for effect, I think you need to use those quotes. Weaponize them, if you will. What I would do is write a detailed, but to the point "goodwill" letter. First detail the timeline of what happened, being sure to point out loudly that you were approved for assistance by Ascension for these procedures, and neither yourself nor apparently even the people who approved it knew that the Rutherford location would not accept this award. Regardless, the fact that they did approve it shows that you, at least at the time, met the requirements for receiving aid, and that Ascension had set aside funds to cover these costs, yet never utilized them. Now I'd bring out the quotes from the mission statements and values, and make the point that surely a scenario like this would be exactly the sort of compassion their very own mission statement talks about, and what integrity it would show to honor the agreement they had made when awarding you this aid. Perhaps mention whatever financial or occupational situation it is that you are in, to make sure they see you really are under a burden and not just trying to get free things. Mention anything else relevant I don't know about or haven't mentioned--but don't make it a full on novel or lay it on too thick. Along with this letter I would also have these: --Download and fill out the correct application (it may even be the same one) and fill it out with your current information and add it as an attachment, just in case it's needed (link is below). --Get together whatever supporting documentation this application asks for (that's all also listed in the application pdf file). --Include copies of any relevant letters they've sent in the meantime, such as the one making the offer to drop the bill by 80%. --Scan a copy of whatever letter you were sent regarding your approval of financial aid for these procedures. --If you have a copy of your original application, even attach that too, just so they'll have everything. The reason I'd want to include all of that with the letter is so that if and when someone up the chain decides they can do something, they should have everything they could possibly need, no matter what route they want to take to do it. Maybe they can transfer the award from the Indiana division to the one you're in. Maybe they can grant a new award in the correct network to cover what's left based on the new application. There has to be some option. Use regular mail, and try any or all of these addresses: This is the address of the Financial aid team covering the Rutherford location: STHe Financial Asst. PO Box 380 Nashville, TN 37202 Ascension corporate address listed on their "contact us" page: 4600 Edmundson Rd, St. Louis, MO 63134 Alternate Ascension Headquarters address: 101 South Hanley Rd., Suite 450, St. Louis MO 63105 Ascension St Thomas Rutherford, financial assistance page: (the financial aid application for this location is here) https://healthcare.ascension.org/locations/tennessee/tnnas/murfreesboro-ascension-saint-thomas-rutherford/financial-assistance In case you want to try calling the corporate customer assistance, and bypass the local St Thomas people: Ascension Health Customer Service Department, billing/financial assistance: 1-877-304-6332 Email addresses: FinancialCounselors@ascension.org, the corporate Ascension Financial Assistance Team email timothy.glover@ascension.org, Executive Vice President and Chief Mission Integration Officer joseph.cacchione@ascension.org, Executive Vice President, Clinical & Network Services, Ascension Both of those VP's are probably at the HQ address (S Hanley Rd). Those emails might work, they are educated guesses based on evidence that Ascension uses firstname.lastname@ email addresses. Both of those VP's sounded like they are in divisions that might have reason or the ability to make something happen for you, if you manage to tug the right heartstrings.
  4. I was having a problem with my loan servicer incorrectly telling me were behind on our PMI (private mortgage insurance) by hundreds of dollars (they were listing it as $270/mo rather than $27, and we no longer even carried it, as the mortgage was < 80% of the home's value by then). Repeated phone calls and letters had no result for months. Finally, I sent this letter, and mentioned being concerned about RESPA violations. I got a print out of the full accounting of the mortgage within two weeks, and a "Oh, we see there was an incorrect decimal place in the PMI calculation, so sorry" letter with it. Two months later, the mortgage was sold to Bank Of America 🤣. It's possible that was already in the works and just a coincidence, but I really think someone higher up realized how much they screwed up and decided they had to pass that hot potato before I figured out something and sued them. No point here, other than some anecdotal support for the value of a qualified written request any time you have a problem with your servicer.
  5. Here's an addendum to this list regarding agencies which have been acquired or merged by this company. MeduitRCM owns ReceiveMoreRMP, each of which acquired several other medical related CA's over the years, some of which were infamous, some I never heard of. But if you encounter any of these names, know they technically do not exist anymore, but the parent might still use the name in some fashion... MeduitRCM acquired companies: Avadyne Health AllTran (sartell, MN) Professional Claims Bureau, Inc. (New Jersey) Professional Service Bureau J.C. Christensen & Associates Subsidiary company, ReceiveMore/RMP (Receivables Management Partners) acquired companies: FCS (Financial Control Services) Collection Associates, Inc IMC Credit Services Medical Recovery Specialists DSG Collect Allied Business Services MRN
  6. So if they are really not yours, the action they cannot ignore would be filing a police report and identity theft affidavit, and mailing that on over to the bureaus and the companies that reported the information to them. They'll likely freeze your file for some time as a result as well, but that's the price you pay. If this is just report cleaning tactic and you don't want to be filing false police reports, maybe change up what you're disputing. Try correcting what's derogatory about the tradeline. Or dispute amounts, dates, etc. If the old accounts are associated with an old address, maybe dispute that address. They're fickle and inconsistent with what will work or slip by, probably dependent on which minimum wage letter-opener is reading your mail that day, so sometimes changing things up can yield the magic word that gets you what you're after.
  7. I've invested here and there, playing around. If only I had dropped a bill on them back when they were literally $1 each and left it there--it would be about $5 mil today. The most I've made from crypto has been from mining, maybe a few hundred over the course of a few months. But these mining asics require high speed fans to keep cool and at this point suck down nearly as much money in electricity as you'll make for your processing time, so even that is now a game for the big boys with datacenters of mining rigs. Unless you can get your power for free.
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