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  1. charged off in 2017, they only sent me statements from 2014, 2015 showing debt to be around 5000 but they say amount owed is 8000,
  2. I was getting phone calls from credit control llc, I called them back and they said they were trying to collect a debt, I told them I wanted them to verify/validate the debt. They said that they did not own the debt and if I wanted that info I had to contact BofA, which I did. So what you are saying is the debt collectors must verify debt but a bank does not? If a bank says I owe said dollar amount is not the burden of proof on the bank to prove the dollar amount or does that only apply if they sue you and have to prove dollar amount in a court of law? If they can not prove to me how much I owe how are they proving to the CB what I owe? I have seen a credit card statement showing I owe 5000 but not the 8000 they say I owe, and this is coming from BofA so they should know how much I owe.
  3. Contacted BofA to get a DV sent to me. I was very specific of what I wanted, my charge/payment history, interest rate, late fees to show how they came up with the amount owed. For one card they sent me copies of statements starting in 2014 but ended in 2015, showing I owed 5000. they say I owe 8000 The card was closed and CO in 2017. Does this mean they can not validate the debt? Also the address showing is my current address which I just moved here in 2019 so I did live at this address at the time showing on the statements. the 2nd card they showed the debt properly but the address is botched. should read N. Sunflower ave but on the statement is shows North St flower, which of course is not even an address. It is clear they do not have all the proper info. Is there anything I can do to use this info to get them to remove the accounts from my credit file, contact CB, or BofA or nothing I can do?
  4. Was looking at my credit reports and saw the one from Chase. It shows payment history starting from Jan 2012 and shows "no data" all the way until July 2017 then goes to charge off/not current and continues with that until June 2018 then after that nothing. Nothing has been reported the the credit bureau's for 3 years. since they are showing my payment history from 2012, which would make it over 9 years if looking at todays date, can I have the credit bureau's remove this from my reports?
  5. would trying to negotiate a pay to delete restart the SOL?
  6. I searched for this subject but was unable to find it so I apologize if it is around somewhere. Is there a way to remove debt/charge off that is beyond the SOL for collection (4 yrs in Ca) or do you just have to wait the full 7 years? The accounts I have are Amex 7800$ BofA 2 accounts 16000$ Wells Fargo 2 accounts 15000$ Chase 10200 Chase only reported charge off for about a year but they still send letters, Amex just sent me a letter saying they would give me a new Amex card if I paid off my debt in full, credit control has called me about 1 BofA account, I asked them to validate the debt but they said I had to contact BofA as they did not buy the account. Have not heard anything on the other BofA or Wells Fargo accounts in quite sometime. Thank you for any advice.
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