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  1. So I literally just called the Sheriff's Department and the bank finally answered yesterday that the account was closed. So I am going to domesticate the judgement, become close and cozy with their local news, and go snatch some stuff on camera.
  2. So it's been a few weeks and nothing from the bank on the bank levy. The bank has not responded AT ALL within the 10 days they are required to here. I know I can sue the bank for not answering. I was thinking of sending them a demand letter on that. The company is out of state as far as I know, but I am going to see if they have any property here I can take to push them to pay. They used to have a distribution center here, but it closed. Suggestions? ETA: I forgot to mention that if I have to domesticate it into their home state, I am willing to do that. Especially since they have to reimburse me for it.
  3. They sent a bunch of people I have never spoken to or heard of to court who lied the entire time. He ruled in my favor, though. Thank you for all the support.
  4. It's small claims. They aren't even supposed to be involved in my jurisdiction.
  5. I apologize for not answering before now. I'll try to get everything in here to answer everyone’s recent questions. I was told by their in house counsel that they were hiring outside counsel from my state and not to contact them directly. They also gave me the name of their local to me attorney they had supposedly retained. I've looked them up and they didn't even give me the correct name plus they have horrible reviews, so I'm not sure considering their behavior that they have actually retained them. Something else that also makes me think they have not retained outside counsel is that the other day I received their defense. They actually had a messenger deliver it directly to me. However, the envelope was open and it did not have any firm name on it as if they didn’t want any proof they sent it to me. However, when I checked the court site today, it reflected their Proof of service of Exchange and Submission of Evidence, but no substitution of attorney. I don't plan on responding to them because on TurboCourt they told me not to contact them directly and gave me the name of the supposed local attorney so there should be no expectation of me sending them anything. So unless anything changes between now and court, I am just going to go to court and present my case. And if they play any games there, I will present all the behinds the scenes stuff they have been doing. I expect adversarial; it’s the games and unprofessional behavior I’m tired of. *** For the record, I told them that I wouldn’t speak to ONE person in particular and that if they had anything to tell me it had to go through someone else on their side. I called the first rep/attorney who contacted me and told her that shortly after I ended the bad call; she told me she understood and would relay that message. I never said I wouldn’t speak to them at all. THEY are the ones who said that. Also there seems to be some miscommunication about the meet and confer. They called me unexpectedly and we set up a time to talk. That time came and went and they did not call. When they called again (ELEVEN DAYS LATER), they did so unexpectedly and when I said I couldn’t talk, that’s when the one went crazy. When I brought up the missed meet and confer, they then pivoted to “adhering to CA rules means using TurboCourt”… yet then when they wanted to call me, they did.***
  6. Ok, so this is where I am: They told me they were hiring outside counsel in my state and told me not to contact them directly (it was on turboCourt, I have proof). I received this message on Friday. I had already told them not to contact me again before that due to misconduct by one of them. So just now a messenger delivered their defense. I have not been contacted by their supposed outside counsel and the envelope open with no sticker or anything denoting where or who it came from. I have 3 different kinds of proof that it was delivered this way and that it was done today, if it matters. I have never dealt with such unprofessional people in my life. Is that all it is? Unprofessional and immature?
  7. So I was correct in my first post. I received a check from Accounts Payable today... of course it was after I dropped off my paperwork to the courthouse to have the Writ of Execution done. Now I have to go back and file the Satisfaction of Judgment. LMAO Thank you for all the help and suggestions!
  8. I didn't know until today that both were attorneys. The one I did got out of line with me because the other one called me again with him on the line this time trying to ambush me into a talk. I very nicely said that I was busy and offered to make another set day and time to talk, but he got nasty enough that I ended the call. This is literally like 2 weeks later after the meet and confer was supposed to happen. They are acting like I missed the meet and confer and didn't reach out instead of them. I'm effing p*ssed right now. I have them on so much. But their offer (that they are not budging from) isn't going to make me whole. They have until Friday to bump it up or I'm not available to talk settlement anymore. After that, I'm filing complaints and letting the CFPB know what they have done. Thank you for the response.
  9. They are required to do it in our court. I have them 6 ways from Sunday, so I will just move forward with my plans. I just wanted to check to see if anyone had any outside view of it. Thank you for the response.
  10. Ok, so... what would you bring up to the judge for 2 attorneys who intentionally missed a meeting then called with a bunch of disrespect and BS almost 2 weeks later? This is still in small claims, by the way.
  11. Yes. This is #3. #1 is at the Bank Levy stage. #2 is at the waiting for the 30 days to be up before I send them the "F*ck you, pay me" letter stage. #3 I just filed.
  12. My apologies if there was miscommunication on my part. This was their first communication after being served. I have checked the case summary and they haven't filed anything currently. I will see if they do anything else before court which is less than a month away. But a call to reschedule isn't a meet and confer. I saved the recorded call to prove it. I'll wait until Monday to call the person who called me back. Thank you for the response.
  13. I sued my bank in small claims for numerous things that have gone on for years. The other day, I received a call from their representative who had general counsel waiting to conference in. Of course I was not expecting it, so I arranged with them to have a conference call with them and their general counsel today. They are on the East Coast and I'm on the West Coast, so we set the appointment at 11am my time, which is 2pm for them. We confirmed the date and time before hanging up. Forward to today and there was no call at 11am. I thought perhaps they got the time mixed up, so I waited for 2pm my time and still no call. I am not sure what's going on because this has never happened to me before. One thought is that they might try to bump it up to District. Just to make it absolutely clear, I never spoke to general counsel because they never conferenced in so there was no meet and confer. Thoughts? Am I going 0 to 100? Thank you!
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