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  1. Use whatever you have saved to hire a lawyer to negotiate the settlement
  2. Do the final motions on the docket, and final disposition of these cases provide insight? First lawsuit docket entry: [Date] Motion to Dismiss Dismissal without Prejudice. Filed by:[Cavalry Attorney] Disposition: Dismiss by Ct w/o Prejudice Second lawsuit final docket entry: [Date] Notice of Dismissal NOTICE OF DISMISSAL. Filed by: [Cavalry Attorney] Disposition: Dismissed by Parties I had no contact with them so it wasn't dismissed by "parties"
  3. In June of 2020, Cavalry filed suit on a $4500 Citibank card debt they now own. They attempted to serve at my mother's house where I no longer live. 3 seperate process servers returned the summons Non-est. Then, CAVALRY dismissed the case without prejudice. I know this only because I looked up the case on the courts public website. 4 months after dismissal they sued again. Same result as first time. 3 separate process servers returned as Non-est. Last week they filed another motion to dismiss. The debt is still within the statute of limitations. In December 2021, it will be past the statute of limitations. Missouri rules say they have one year to refile the first lawsuit. So, do they also have a year from this most recent lawsuit to refile, or are they out of luck if they don't sue again before December? Does Missouri have a two-dismissal rule preventing filing a suit a third time after two voluntary dismissals?
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