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  1. I just double checked and the only collections mark I have is from one I’ve paid off a while back. It’s not on my credit report? Never was which is what surprised me more.
  2. I didn't have insurance, I thought I did but that's a whole other fiasco (Job furlough, never mentioned having to pay for the insurance and never called again and kept delaying the time they'd hire back) So it didn't go through insurance, it was for an X-ray of an elbow/arm rea. Plus a sling and a Tylenol. No charity care/discounts applied.
  3. Okay so I wouldn't contact the collection agency directly but the attorney that is representing the company?
  4. Hi there and thank you for any help given ahead of time. Yesterday I was served with papers by a sheriff notifying me that Accredited Collection Services Inc is suing me for the amount of $1956.20 This debt relates to when I had to visit the ER due to a broken elbow, was given ex rays, and a sling for it. Thought I'd paid it all off but apparently this is another debt related to it. I have 30 days to file an appropriate response, what are my options? What's my best course of options? I don't necessarily have the money for a lawyer but I guess I can figure something out if I need to? I can borrow the money from a friend to pay it off all at once if I have to, is there any way to pay this at a reduced cost. I'd love to be able to pay to remove the debt but I seriously doubt that's an option now. With any questions I'll edit more details in that are needed etc. Thank you so much!
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