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  1. I would like to thank the moderators for deleting the many spam posts from people who write stating there is a service that took their scores from 500 to 800 in 90 days and aren't they wonderful.... There is no free lunch.
  2. Quieting a title may work if you are trying to sell a property to someone who is paying cash - but someone who is looking to finance a purchase will need a title insurance policy - and if I read the above posts correctly - the company who ended up with the lien wasn't in BK - they sold it. It was an asset - so in a BK proceeding, it was sold to whomever picked the bones clean. If the title cannot be insured - no new mortgage. Now a consumer may have trouble getting someone in customer service to locate the loan after it was bought in a fire sale - but a title company should be able to validate the lien. Just because it hasn't had a payment posted for a decade doesn't mean the debt is waived - but the lender might take less if the only other option was a foreclosure - because that proceeding would eat up equity. Something is better than nothing. And that cash buyer? The lien holder can come back after the fact and reassert their lien under certain circumstances. He won't have a title insurance policy to protect him. Quieting may be a tool for some liens - but there is a paper trail for the big ones. I have had loans stall because the the title couldn't be insured - even when we had proof the liens were paid - companies never released the liens. Now they can't prove to themselves they were paid. Eventually they were removed - but it takes time. There is still a lot of wreckage from 2008.
  3. Thank you! for the feedback - Sometimes you can feel alone and these issues are not the ones you bring up to family. it is nice to know there is a group of people who have walked the same path.
  4. I work in the mortgage industry and will tell you that if there is a lien on title - the owner of that lien will want to be paid before releasing it. Many of these 2nd mortgages from the bust of 2008 got charged off - but if they weren't bumped off title by a foreclosure or a sale of the property - they are still there and usually must be paid before any new refinance or sale can transpire. Many liens were purchased at rock bottom prices and held. Real estate goes up and down but one thing is certain - prices always retrace and exceed their previous highs.
  5. Thanks for the input - is the 'Consumer Disclosure File' a thing I request from the CRA's? Do I ask for one for each tradeline or does it contain all tradelines? On the reports - the date of delinquency is accurate on the Barclays account - and the date it was sold to Portfolio looks to be accurate. The Barclays account associated with Unifund does not show up - nor does Unifund. I haven't called the doctor office yet to ask them to recall - but it is on my to-do list. If they recall and I pay the OC - can the collection stay on the report or must it be deleted? I just want to approach the remaining Barclay account the right way (which I don't know and will take advice) because I see that as the one account that could linger if they start updating - and would they if I were to question its validity - and would that make them bring back the old one associated with Unifund. I would hate turning one old Barclay into two reporting Barclay's -
  6. None of the three collections show the DOFD - the earliest dates they show is the dates they opened the collections. The Barclays account shows date last payment made (04/17) I found out after doing more research on the site - that PRA started to sue me for the larger of the 2 collections - the Barclay's card - $2600 - it was rejected at some pointy - then re-filed, but ultimately dismissed without prejudice - this occurred in 2020 - The Unifund I mention in my first post was another Barclay's card they were suing me for - they filed for default and judgement on the same page but only got the default - then over a year later, the court demanded for them to show cause why it took so long to apply for the judgement - they dismissed as well. I am pretty certain - all 4 negatives I have are all past 4 years old and are thus time-barred or zombie debt. I would like to get them all off my CR. (pay 20% to PRA and they drop off in 30 days? - See if the medical debt can be recalled?) The old Barclays tradeline they haven't updated since April 2019 is the only one I don't really know how to handle - if disputing it will get it dropped or updated. I will not admit any debt is mine - just clearing out mistakes is worth a few dollars to me...
  7. Thank you for your reply. I think I can read between the lines and see you recommend mailing PRA as opposed to calling them (of course any agreement would have to appear in writing before money changed hands) I had a Midland Credit collection from the same period who actually contacted me and took 50% while they could still sue - I handled it over the phone, but received a letter that that accepted the $1150.00 as payment in full for the $2300. bill. Both the original tradeline and the collection are no longer on any CRA report. I will try calling the medical group and see if they will accept a settlement - if they recall it - can the collection still be reported? Or must it be deleted since the OC (I'm learning nomenclature) was the one who accepted payment? Lastly - the old Barclay's charge-off tradeline they haven't update for 2.5 years - would it make more sense to wait until PRA was paid and removed before addressing it? Would it be something Barclay's might not respond to? Thanks to the website for being here - there strength in numbers - and not just credit limits - lol.
  8. I have a question on this one - if the Cap1 tradeline drops off as PRA is getting ready to sue - and you negotiate a settlement with PRA - and they delete the collection after you pay PRA - will the Cap1 automatically come back? Or is there the possibility quick action with PRA can kill two tradelines with one stone (payment)? Will the Cap1 stay off?
  9. Things have been tough over the last decade - but have gotten better and I now find myself in a position to clean the last vestiges of negative tradelines on my credit. I have spent much time reading this site and it is great - great information. Great advice - and I thought I would ask for some. I have 4 negative items remaining. All are past the 4 year California Statute Of Limitations. I can't be sued I believe. 1) Barclays Charge-Off $2600 - balance was just under $2k at last payment in April 2017. Barclays last updated the CRA in April 2019 2) Portfolio Recovery - collection - for the above Barclay's bill - $2600 3) Portfolio Recovery - collection - for a HSBC bill from April 2017 - $966 4) Southwest Collection Service - Medical collection - not for a copay - my health insurance dropped (yes, April 2017) and I wasn't covered, although I thought I was. My company was shady. Long story. **I just got looking at all this again, as I received notice of OSC: Re: Default Judgement. I thought I was being sued by Unifund. They filed 2019 (I didn't know - I wasn't served - proof of service stated I was a short Asian man - I'm not, but have a surname commonly used by Koreans) and in June, I got a mailed notice of a OSC-Re Default Judgment with a court date of August 30th, 2021 - I went to court on the 30th and found out the case was dismissed without prejudice on August 13th - too much time between default order and getting the judgment - I went hoping I could negotiate a settlement - while waiting, went online and found the case was dismissed - downloaded all the case docs and learned a lot reading. But it got me thinking - what else was out there from a bad few years. Not nearly as bad as I thought. I would like nothing more than getting these removed from my report now instead of early 2024. My questions are - should I call the CA's and negotiate 'pay for delete' agreements? If so - what would the amount I should start at? PRA on their website states unequivocally that after payment in full or payment for less - they remove their tradeline after 30 days. Is this true? Will Barclay's re-affirm if I dispute through CRA process? Is there any other way to get that account to go away? I have received all my credit reports - I have not disputed anything yet - no debt validation - haven't done anything except identify the items I would like to repair. I have read too many posts here where people go half-cocked before getting advice - I thought I would defer to experience. Thanks - sorry for being so wordy - newbie mistake.
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