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  1. Hi, Patenaude & Felix fist reached out in April and I requested the letter of validation witch they replied to on 4/21. I was under the impression that they will reach out to me for a settlement. INSTEAD, fast forward to 9/20 and I get legal advertisement from lawyer who found my case being filed in court on 8/11. Since I never got served I reached out to Patenaude and they want to settle initial $2900 for $2400. That seems slightly high to me. Should I hire a lawyer and hope that they will settle for less + lawyer fees = less than $2400 or should I proceed with going through court? I would like to know what would be the optimal solution. I don’t mind going the pro se route in hopes that I would pay less in settlement. (My work permit has been delayed so I don’t have means of income or getting a job ) Thanks so much for your help!!
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