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  1. Represented myself, and won my case!!!! Dismissed with prejudice and received $1000 counterclaim!!!!😀
  2. Hello all. I'm being sued by MCM. I filed my answer to their complaint 10/28 denying that I owe the debt and asked for it to be dismissed with no counterclaim. My court date is set for 11/28 in magistrate court. Also, I plan on representing myself in court. Prior to all of this, I tried to talk to MCM and their attorney to let them know that I never had an account with the original creditor but they weren't hearing it. All they wanted me to do was either pay the debt in full ($2348), or offer me a discount to pay $1875. I asked for debt validation, and their attorney sent me a statement from the original creditor, the original creditor contract, and a bill of sale. The statement showed no transactions... only the total amount showing $2348. I also ran my credit report and noticed MCM now showing on my credit report. It shows that it was reported 11/1 and updated 11/3??? I am 100 percent positive I never had an account with the original company. Honestly, I wasn't taking this too serious at first because I figured that they'd eventually realize this was a mistake. Wanted to know about the following: 1. Did they break any laws or codes; or do I have any potential counterclaims? Being that I've already filed my answer, is it too late to file a counterclaim? 2. Should I hire an attorney? 3. Prior to court, in the meantime what should I be doing? Should I dispute this on my credit report? Ask for additional debt validation from their attorney? etc 4. I'm thinking about filing for a continuance for more time to prepare for the case, any advice on this? Thank you! Sorry if I'm all over the place. I was hoping this would get resolved, but now I want to seek compensation for my time, the stress, and inconvenience that they are causing me.
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