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  1. I sent a very basic dv letter after reading the thread about it earlier today. I got home now and found a letter in my mailbox from a debt relief attorney claiming there's a lawsuit against me from cavalry at a courthouse about 30 miles from my house. I checked los angeles superior court today and didn't find anything under my name. Then I checked the courthouse that the letter mentioned and found that Cavalry and other JDB have filed a few lawsuits there last week. Searched my name and found out they filed last week. But the hearing is scheduled for next Fall! It says : " Order to Show Cause Re: Failure to File Proof of Service and Failure to File Default Judgment Pursuant to CRC 3.740"
  2. They have sent me papers about the debt, but never offered me a settlement, just kept me reminding me of my balance. Another citibank account ended up in collections too and the other JDB gradually dropped the amount to 50% off. I read previous threads in which people shared that cavalry often sends months of statements as debt validation and the man had a lot of paper stapled - maybe over 20 - so I thought Cavalry just got ahead of themselves. I wasn't expecting anyone at that time and noticed the man stuck for another 5 minutes, until 9pm. So, one cannot do the "standing" suggested on the other thread until they are served?
  3. citibank. 7k I started reading the thread about "STANDING when dealing with jdb". I guess I need to sign the summons or receive the summons before I proceed? Another thread was titled something like debt verification after lawsuit is filed is pointless so I guess I should skip that for now?
  4. I received a letter last week that was sent on September 30th (stamped on the envelope and the lawyer stamped the date on the letter too) stating that the law firm retained by Cavalry intended to sue. Tonight I was leaving my building and some man approached me asking if I knew a tenant. I had a headache and didn't realize he said my apt number. My last payment was right before the pandemic started. I thought I had some time to send them a debt validation letter and now this happens. I have googled and can't find any info on how soon one can file suit after sending a notice of intention to file lawsuit. Does anyone know?
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