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  1. So about 8 months ago I was served by Citi or the company representing them ( The Moore law Group) for a debt I owed the credit card company in 2018. Anyways since I was nervous and wasn’t too familiar with what to do next, i didn’t want to continue being sued so I contacted The Moore law group directly and agreed to make payments on the full amount owed. I didn’t know I was able to negotiate. The question that I keep having is what happens when I finish paying off the debt? Will it show up in my credit report as paid off? I have asked multiple times and they tell me they don’t report to the credit bureaus and they give me numbers to contact CITI bank but the numbers I call always leads me back to their department. So I’m worried if my payments are even going towards my debt. Does any one have any helpful advice on what I should do.? Thank you in advance.
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