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  1. I am not new to the credit repair scene, although it's been over a decade since I needed to do any repairs. I dug myself out of the hole over 10 years ago, but I now find myself having to fix a few things again. It seems some of the tactics and methods have evolved over the years (FDCPA Regulation F is definitely interesting) Anyways, please refresh my memory. If someone has debts that are valid (meaning they are not challenging the validity, they acknowledged that the debts are accurate and legit), could they arrange to pay these debts with the OC and then send DV Letters to the JDBs? If the JBD truly validates, they will acknowledge the new status and be forced to remove or report the updated information (do they HAVE to remove at that point?). And if they continue to report inaccurate information after you make the request, you could then go after the JDB? Am I missing anything?
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