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  1. I have just discovered this forum today, thanks so much for sharing such helpful information! I wondered if disputing online has offered positive results? Having just learned of negative remarks on my Experian report, I want to dispute as quickly as possible. I have no large pending purchases mind you, I just want this fixed asap. I haven't even checked the other CRA's yet. (my credit card limit was lowered due to a report from Experian, however nothing was ever mailed to me.) Other than not having a paper trail, are there disadvantages of disputing online? Thank you. (I did a se
  2. Hi there, I am conducting some research. I am trying to find out if anyone (other than me) has been refused credit as a result of being on maternity leave or after maternity leave. Briefly - I was refused credit (even though I earn over £40,000) because I had to pay lower than the minimum amounts on a few credit cards during maternity leave (6 months). I can't be the only one that has experienced this. If you have - please let me know as I am lobbying the government to rectify this discrimination. Thanks for your help!
  3. Sure I mean Social Security Number and in the USA not in Canada Thanks
  4. Hi to all I receive many pre-approved credit offers and when I respond WITH my SSN I am always declined. When I respond WITHOUT my SSN often I get $500 - $1000 credit card. I believe that the CRAs have 2 seperate SSNs on me. Is there any way to pull a credit report WITHOUT providing a SSN so I can know the other SSN? Thanks to all for you reply TheCreditBorrower
  5. Man what a pack of vicious wolves you guys are. Some of you are so jaded you wouldn't know a sincere person if I bit you in the a$$. Sorry my post is too stupid or naive or whatever for your precious little forum....Way to treat a newbie...really inspiring to see such kindness and support among my fellow "humans"
  6. I have discovered that it is not required that you spend money on a repair kit to fix your credit. Most of the info they sell you is common sense and you can figure it out with a little research and effort. The kits are extremely helpful in guiding and organizing your efforts if you need a little extra help. There are tons of sites that can provide you with information and free tools to help you repair your credit. I suggest a site like the one below to help you through every step of the process. Take some time to explore the different options available before you rush into buying the a k
  7. In retrospect, I shouldn't have caved in to DirecTV, so now what do I do? Here's the chronology: * 1/2004: DirecTV closes my account after 3 months of non-payment. (I thought it was already closed.) * 3/2005: I get letter from CA (Riddle & Assoc) -- the first I've heard about this. Find this board, send DV letter. Nothing on my credit report. * 7/2005: Get weak debt "verification" letter from CA, fire back letter demanding validation. Still nothing on my credit reports. At this point, I wouldn't have minded paying DirecTV the $130 they wanted -- I just didn't want to pay Riddle $90 for
  8. by the way, as a "newbie" (as i am guessing is a popular term out here) I have no idea what a FD or a probie are. Unless, of course, probie refers to a sexual toy or role that you happen to be fond of and, although very interesting to me if you are of the Female gender, is totally off the topic of this conversation. You should actually have rules against persons holding themselves out as officers of our courts (lawyers) who give crap "legal" advice. The people who really come here for assisstance (versus the community) would be much better served.
  9. I tell you what, you read this e-mail with your complete attention and decide for yourself. 1. "inflammatory"? Are you serious? If we are all adults here, SURELY we can be as zealous as advocates in a 10th grade debate class, no? Since you sought out my two "posts" and found them to be beyond the realm of propriety, I would suggest that you hire proper representation before pursuing an appeal in our federal courts. It is not nice to see a grown man cry when getting backed into a corner in oral argument. 2. So you think that the reference to "debt collectors" not needing to have reems of pa
  10. Recovering from what? A wasted legal education? While it is true that an appeals opinion may not be "the law of the land" if it conflicts with Supreme Court precedent, it certainly IS the law if you happen to be in that circuit (and persuasive in others minus a spilt awaiting SC cert.). It may be possible to excuse non-attorneys offering "legal advice" that is not in accord with the law, but if you were ever licensed, shame on you. No wonder people hate lawyers. Look where executive branch opinions on the meaning of laws has left us (as a country, NOT as crusading debtors) lately. If you
  11. Well, I can only think of one significant one off-hand: Riddle v. Kelly, 414 F.3d 832 It should be of interest to anyone out here who is NOT the innocent victim of a mistaken or malicious collection agency, and who is using the FDCPA to harass persons/creditors who have a real legal claim against them. Mr. Edelman is a pro, and a VERY successful/smart one at that. If you think you are brighter, (while at the same time remaining a "least sophisticated consumer") give it a try. Just a warning to those who think that you can escape a 20K
  12. Great stuff! (the compilation by Swede) Is this still being updated? Thanks.
  13. I am new at this and I'd ask someone to help me with advice. I applied as recruiter manager at JobQueen, they promise to pay $87,000.00/year. I would like to know if they are for real and if they are how can I get quality sales reps in China. I didn't list the domain because promoting something is forbiden in most forums. So if you want to help me out please contact me direct at my email.
  14. if my wife got a PP tonight what are her chances of getting and AA and can why apply tonight-she tried for the platinum select and got the 30 day sit and wait response.
  15. Hey all, an easy question for whoever wants to answer it, i've been thinking about it all day. If you have a visa/mastercard bankcard, who are you actually borrowing money off? Are you borrowing it off visa/mastercard, or off your bank (where your bank just uses the system that visa/mastercard has set up). In the case of the latter, i'm assuming that exchange of money does not go through visa or mastercard at all and comes directly from the bank. Which is correct?