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  1. I have just discovered this forum today, thanks so much for sharing such helpful information! I wondered if disputing online has offered positive results? Having just learned of negative remarks on my Experian report, I want to dispute as quickly as possible. I have no large pending purchases mind you, I just want this fixed asap. I haven't even checked the other CRA's yet. (my credit card limit was lowered due to a report from Experian, however nothing was ever mailed to me.) Other than not having a paper trail, are there disadvantages of disputing online? Thank you. (I did a search for this, but didn't find an answer). I want to jump in with both feet, but perhaps I should slow down and learn more before I tackle this.
  2. Hi there, I am conducting some research. I am trying to find out if anyone (other than me) has been refused credit as a result of being on maternity leave or after maternity leave. Briefly - I was refused credit (even though I earn over £40,000) because I had to pay lower than the minimum amounts on a few credit cards during maternity leave (6 months). I can't be the only one that has experienced this. If you have - please let me know as I am lobbying the government to rectify this discrimination. Thanks for your help!
  3. Sure I mean Social Security Number and in the USA not in Canada Thanks
  4. Hi to all I receive many pre-approved credit offers and when I respond WITH my SSN I am always declined. When I respond WITHOUT my SSN often I get $500 - $1000 credit card. I believe that the CRAs have 2 seperate SSNs on me. Is there any way to pull a credit report WITHOUT providing a SSN so I can know the other SSN? Thanks to all for you reply TheCreditBorrower
  5. Man what a pack of vicious wolves you guys are. Some of you are so jaded you wouldn't know a sincere person if I bit you in the a$$. Sorry my post is too stupid or naive or whatever for your precious little forum....Way to treat a newbie...really inspiring to see such kindness and support among my fellow "humans"
  6. I have discovered that it is not required that you spend money on a repair kit to fix your credit. Most of the info they sell you is common sense and you can figure it out with a little research and effort. The kits are extremely helpful in guiding and organizing your efforts if you need a little extra help. There are tons of sites that can provide you with information and free tools to help you repair your credit. I suggest a site like the one below to help you through every step of the process. Take some time to explore the different options available before you rush into buying the a kit. *EDITED*
  7. In retrospect, I shouldn't have caved in to DirecTV, so now what do I do? Here's the chronology: * 1/2004: DirecTV closes my account after 3 months of non-payment. (I thought it was already closed.) * 3/2005: I get letter from CA (Riddle & Assoc) -- the first I've heard about this. Find this board, send DV letter. Nothing on my credit report. * 7/2005: Get weak debt "verification" letter from CA, fire back letter demanding validation. Still nothing on my credit reports. At this point, I wouldn't have minded paying DirecTV the $130 they wanted -- I just didn't want to pay Riddle $90 for their "trouble". I didn't know what to, so I figured I'd wait until I heard back from them. Which never happened. * 3/2006: I try to give my old DirecTV equipment to a friend -- they find out it's mine and ask to speak to me -- ask me if I can pay off the $130. I figure this will make my problems go away, so I do -- and everyone's happy. I then checked my credit reports, and all 3 show that I have a collection from "Plaza Associates" NY, NY (not Riddle?), recorded on 3/2006. I file disputes with all three agencies. So far, I've only heard back from TU - who now lists it like: Pay Status: Payment after charge off/collection Loan Type: Open Account - Collection Agency Attorney Remark: Settled - less than full balance Date placed for collection: 11/2005 It looks like Riddle sold my debt to Plaza in November. Do I need to start over with DV with them? Where should I go from here? Thanks! Ben
  8. by the way, as a "newbie" (as i am guessing is a popular term out here) I have no idea what a FD or a probie are. Unless, of course, probie refers to a sexual toy or role that you happen to be fond of and, although very interesting to me if you are of the Female gender, is totally off the topic of this conversation. You should actually have rules against persons holding themselves out as officers of our courts (lawyers) who give crap "legal" advice. The people who really come here for assisstance (versus the community) would be much better served.
  9. I tell you what, you read this e-mail with your complete attention and decide for yourself. 1. "inflammatory"? Are you serious? If we are all adults here, SURELY we can be as zealous as advocates in a 10th grade debate class, no? Since you sought out my two "posts" and found them to be beyond the realm of propriety, I would suggest that you hire proper representation before pursuing an appeal in our federal courts. It is not nice to see a grown man cry when getting backed into a corner in oral argument. 2. So you think that the reference to "debt collectors" not needing to have reems of paper documents (including original contracts) itemizing every charge made on an account is just dicta in Chaudhry? Is that why they cited two cases in different circuits (one of which was denied cert by no less than S.C. on the issue)? I would suggest that the bass-ackwards respect you give holdings of our federal courts and FTC opinions requires a 180 degree swing, otherwise your clients could be in for a hell of a ride. (if you DO have clients..or are you just a professional debtor?) 3. The Schlosser v. Fairbanks Capital Corp case is too far off the original point (level of validation requirred) made in this thread to even comment on. 4. I am not sure why you quote the last case, unless you just cut and paste these things willy nilly and chose the wrong one which, considering the informality of this forum, is totally excusable. Or maybe you were just looking for something we agree on. If so, you were spot on. Lastly, anyone who TRULY violates the FDCPA SHOULD be sued (and seems usually is at some point). I do not have a problem with that. I also do not have a problem with people going after money that is owed to them for a bargained for exchange. Where do you REALLY think this country would be without credit? Our legal system, not great, but still the greatest, does not allow debtor prisons (anymore anyway). Because of this, persons who can not pay, need not worry. They only need show up to claim exemptons, and then go back home. What is the big draw on attempting to avoid the repayment of your debts simply becasue a well-meaning law (that was DEARLY needed, no doubt) allows you to file strike suits or extort money out of people who, like you, are just trying to make ends meet. If you CAN pay the money you owe, and simply refuse to do it, the law has ways to force you to, against your will. Who requires that it rise to that level? Creditors? Debt-buyers? What do you think happens when creditors "write-off" these debts? Do you not think that it impacts interest rates for well-intentioned debtors who may not yet have great credit? Do you not realize that it increases the tax responsibility for those of us that have to go to work everyday? I have no problem with most of you out here who are trying to help people who can not understand their rights and can not afford an attorney. What is inexcusable, and adversaries from both sides should agree with this, is some "lawyer" feeding dangerous "legal advice" to people who may try to go into battle in this area. If/when they do and if/when they get slapped with sanction for bad-faith litigation/harassment, who is going to pay the bill? You? Mr. "screen name" on debt-consolidation-credit-blah-blah.com? Or is that the game, you guys are out here convincing debtors who have something to lose (which now includes good amount of interest) that they should hire you to get help professionally welching on their obligations. So which side is more to blame? Which side comes down on the right side as far as policy is concerned? Societal policy? Economic (not pocketbook economics here friedman, economics as in pecuniary externalities and rent-seeking). For the record, I am doing a research paper on FDCPA rulings in 7th circ. I do find it interesting in that the more people try to avoid their debts, the more it creates a very good opportunity for personal wealth on both sides. (although it does little to help persons who are upside down financially, which was the intention of the act) A. collection side: collect on the original debt (even IF it has been purchased for 5 cents per dollar, it is still valid for orig. amount), and B. Those looking to milk robots who take their orders from Madison avenue of even MORE money. This, unfortunately, is "industry" in this great land of ours anymore. We should all be ashamed for allowing this to happen, but it has. Let the chips fall where they may. As for which side I would trend toward IF i enter this god-awful racket? Which-ever pays the most, of course....I NEED that Plasma screen man! Thanks for the chance to chatter, hpe i did not hurt your feelings again. Do not answer this for my sake as finals approach, and after that it will be 8-12 (both am) for a month or two to study for the bar.
  10. Recovering from what? A wasted legal education? While it is true that an appeals opinion may not be "the law of the land" if it conflicts with Supreme Court precedent, it certainly IS the law if you happen to be in that circuit (and persuasive in others minus a spilt awaiting SC cert.). It may be possible to excuse non-attorneys offering "legal advice" that is not in accord with the law, but if you were ever licensed, shame on you. No wonder people hate lawyers. Look where executive branch opinions on the meaning of laws has left us (as a country, NOT as crusading debtors) lately. If you want to be on solid ground, better to listen to Justice Posner and the like than some b-crat who is heading out the revolving door to MBNA, Citibank, etc. If you just have a cute name and are not an attorney, let me apologize in advance. law student, $80k in hole. PS-i did not Shepardize the Chaudry case (you can pay lexis for that), so it MAY be worthwhile to check for differences of opinions in your circuit.
  11. Well, I can only think of one significant one off-hand: Riddle v. Kelly, 414 F.3d 832 http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data2/circs/7th/041509p.pdf It should be of interest to anyone out here who is NOT the innocent victim of a mistaken or malicious collection agency, and who is using the FDCPA to harass persons/creditors who have a real legal claim against them. Mr. Edelman is a pro, and a VERY successful/smart one at that. If you think you are brighter, (while at the same time remaining a "least sophisticated consumer") give it a try. Just a warning to those who think that you can escape a 20K debt by trying to out-bully a bully. You may end up another 20K down. That said, an informed consumer is a great goal, and this seems to be an excellent forum. Keep up the good work, ya'all. Young Law Student.
  12. Great stuff! (the compilation by Swede) Is this still being updated? Thanks.
  13. I am new at this and I'd ask someone to help me with advice. I applied as recruiter manager at JobQueen, they promise to pay $87,000.00/year. I would like to know if they are for real and if they are how can I get quality sales reps in China. I didn't list the domain because promoting something is forbiden in most forums. So if you want to help me out please contact me direct at my email.
  14. if my wife got a PP tonight what are her chances of getting and AA and can why apply tonight-she tried for the platinum select and got the 30 day sit and wait response.
  15. Hey all, an easy question for whoever wants to answer it, i've been thinking about it all day. If you have a visa/mastercard bankcard, who are you actually borrowing money off? Are you borrowing it off visa/mastercard, or off your bank (where your bank just uses the system that visa/mastercard has set up). In the case of the latter, i'm assuming that exchange of money does not go through visa or mastercard at all and comes directly from the bank. Which is correct?
  16. I used the info I found on this site to get my credit score from 650 to 780 in about two months. The reason for such a rapid just was I had alot of old TLs with no negative info. Then when I got a few collections, and late payments off, it just shot through the roof. Thanks to everyone here!! I have a new challenge though, I have a late from HSBC and it brought down my score about 50 points. Whats the best way to deal with this??
  17. I just got a thirty day late with HSBC, called gave the normal speal, they didn't take it off. What can I do to get this off?
  18. Mr. docdon i don\'t know what that means above what you post. i just want to help my uncle out and don\'t want anyone to get into trouble. i live close to that city yes but about 20 minutes away. i am not your average kid. i jip school alot to work but my uncle doesn\'t know. the money i have i use to help him. he is working but i think his pay is low. we don\'t have a computer. i use my friends computers. we jip school alot. we mostly go to one of my friends house. his mom works at home doing some sort of filing or something work on her computer. other friends i just do a dialup. yes i am 12. i\'m mature for my age as i have to grow up fast. my mom died and she is my uncles brother. i have no sister or brothers or other ants or uncles. i will try to post more when i have time or find a computer. please ask me anything you want to know. please do not trick me in giving you data that i should not since i don\'t know what is ok to give out or not. we did have class on using the internet and that you should not give out private info. thank you.
  19. There are some old accounts that are inactive and over 7 years old but in good status or standing. Should these be challenged and deleted? What should I say or tell the CRA when I dispute the debt even though it is mine? Thanks.
  20. I was hoping more people would respond or post to my uncle's message above. Today I helped him send out his DV or was it VD to the law office who is suing him. I didn't know how to send mail via certified mail but the lady at the post office was very helpful. My uncle is scared I think since he doesn't know what will happen. I'm just plain scared because of the unknown. In several weeks or maybe a month or so, if I can help my uncle get some money to get his credit reports, we will do the validation with them and contest all the inaccurate information on his report. Still don't know what to do about the charge offs or about some creditors reporting overdue status and also collections reporting on the same account. Wish us luck. I am only 12 years old, but this is a good learning experience for me by helping out my uncle since we are the only family left. I am just worried that they will sue us and then we don't have the funds to get a lawyer to help us. Thank you all for your help.
  21. Newbie attorney with a problem: Here is what happened: January 5, 2006: I received a letter from the County Assessors office informing me that Capital One has placed a judgment lien on me because of a defraulted credit card. I never even knew taht I had been sued! I wrote to the court, asking for the proof of service: I received it, the process server supposedly tried to serve me at home during business hours (I am at the office) and jsut ended up doing a substituted service to someone in my apartment building "John Doe" They never even attempted to serve me at the office even though I have my office number and address in the yellow pages. My home and office are both in Beverly Hills. The suit was filed in West Los Angeles. Is this proper? I am in the middle of preparing a motion to vacate and declaration. Do I need both? Does soemone have a good sample other than the one online? What do I do? I will gladly pay someone for advice. Edited because of fraudulent misuse of information
  22. Before I begin, I just wanted to say "Thank you" and that this site is heaven sent from above since no one would help my uncle. I have a learning disability so my 12 year old nephew is helping me out by typing this letter and by doing some research online for me since no one else seems to want to help. I apologize, but I am as dumb as a rock. That is no joke. I have read over 100 threads in this forum and am still lost as what to do or how to start. Please remember I have a learning disability and I am as dumb as a rock and that's no joke. I would need someone to give me step by step or guide me through somehow. Plus keep in mind I am broke and poor. I am just above the poverty level. My wife and I filed for government help but we make $2000 more than the maximum cutoff amount that you can have in order to get aid. Here's a background info on me: Served proudly in the military for over 13 years. Received multiple mental and physical injuries during war time. Had three children die. Filed bankruptcy to compensate for medical bills, food, etc. Lost job, can't find job for almost a year, etc. Currently, thinking about suicide since I am in a hole deeper than ****. I think I can see satan himself. Don't know how to get out of debt since I am so overwhelmed. I am not very smart when it comes to money and finances. I didn't even know what a credit card was, APR, etc. I ran my credit report for the first time and did not know how to read it. My 12 year old nephew told me this is what I have so far: 35 account in default 5 account with bankruptcy status as "charge off" have some account that are reported as charge off and also with collection agencies. have some accounts which is owed and is charged off but not sent to collection. have some account I don't know about or didn't know I owe. Have multiple accounts in collections. Have several accounts which is over 7 years old and inactive still being reported. I won't even tell you what my credit score is since it's obvious that it's under 500 per above problems. I need help in the following please or what steps or first step should I take or follow to fix my credit. 1. What can I do about these charge off accounts which is over 4 to 7 years old. 2. what can I do about a medical bill which was reported as late but never sent to collection and I don't even know it's even mine? 3. what can I do about accounts which were included in my bankruptcy over 7 years ago but is still being reported as collection or charge off? should this be reported as "included in bankruptcy"??? 4. what do I do about these collection agencies that are harrassing me and is not helpful in trying to help me set or make payment arrangements but rather want the full amount no matter what??? 5. I received a letter from a law firm stating they represent a collection agency and they say they are going to sue me if I don't pay them??? From looking at my uncles credit report, should he DV the collection agency? Write to the CRA and tell them to take off accounts older than 7 years old? Tell them to fix the accounts which were part of bankruptcy to be status of "included in bankruptcy" instead of status charge off and sent to collections? What should I do about charge off accounts that were not sent to collections or the ones that are being reported more than three times. One from the OC and two from the CA? I think that's about it. Please help as soon as you can. My uncle is a good man. He served two wars and one battle for this country and now his country turned their back on him. My uncle and I thank you very much for your help. Thank you!!!
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