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  1. So you're going to listen to the advise of someone who is going to file bankruptcy? There are times where bankruptcy is the best option but doesn't come into play till around 100K of debt. I'm sure you've been reading a bunch here I think you'll find, you will gain alot of knowledge here and over time, will be able to remedy your situation. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. It took years to get into the stew you find yourself in, and it will take some time to fix it. You should be able to repair your credit before you choose to move.
  2. I have always preferred not to speak to them, even in this case. If you have threatened to sue, then you have to be willing to go through with it. I would write them a certified reminder, showing their documentation, outlining the specific action they promised, and a one other piece of motivation, a pre-filled out copy of a court summons for small claims court. Explain that if they do not follow through with their written word, you will submit the copy to the courts for processing and they should expect to be served a court summons soon after. This has two effects: 1. It is a nice motivator. 2. It gets you familiar with the paperwork involved, the procedures, and the cost. These are different in each state and/or county. The form is usually only a page or two and the costs involved are for the filling and for the delivery of the summons. Locate someone to serve the summons and see how much it would cost. The paperwork involved with filling should be available somewhere on your state/county/parish's website. Keep us abreast.
  3. Dispute it with the CRA's. If Wells can't find record of it, it should be deleted.
  4. Run Forest Run.... http://www.creditinfocenter.com/debt/DebtConsolCompanies.shtml
  5. Faxing using an email account I.E. Yahoo etc... http://www.tpc.int/faxbyemail.html
  6. Just remember, you hold the cards(dollars), get the agreement in writing, document your path.
  7. I think with those scores you should have no problem. I had a higher TU (729) and lower EQ (685) and got a 30 YR. 6% Fixed just last month. Of course, income and down payment amounts have lots to do with how much and at what rate you qualify for. If the collection is high buck, the mortgage provider may require you to pay. Additionally, the market has turned into a buyers market. The interest rates have increased (tax deducible anyways) but there are lots of good deals out there. I got a 1.5 year old (originally 249,000) home for 149,000!
  8. Exactly to which question? You can't answer the questions, "What is your favorite color?" with a YES!
  9. Do you have a judgment against you for this collection?
  10. Truecredit gets their data from the Big three. Are you saying a pull from one of the Big Three is missing things Truecredit has? That would be Not so True Credit!
  11. Never heard of GE Capital? http://www.gecapital.com/
  12. I might add, a paid collection will not help your score. In fact, I would prefer to have an unpaid collection on my report if at all. That way I at least have some leverage, (MONEY), to get try and get it removed. You didn't get in bad financial trouble overnight, nor are you going to mend it overnight. Read the primer and ask questions. It may take quite a bit more time than 3 months, probably a year to be honest.
  13. A paid collection on your credit report is no different than an unpaid one. Your objective is to have the OC have their CA remove it.
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