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  1. I've been searching for days and really wanted to know if anyone has a sample pay for deletion or paid as agreed letter I can send off? Really have some smaller amounts on my reports that I can pay off, but want to make sure they come off the reports when I pay them. Thanks in advance.
  2. WTG!!!! I still get excited when I get delets.
  3. Congrats on the delets tho!!!! It will take some time.
  4. Wait, you said you sent a DV to Experian? You don't sent DV letters to the CBs. Send a DV letter to CMI.
  5. It sure does!!! Lets hope I have more success.
  6. Just got back my EXP report on Saturday. I disputed a Providian account as being obsolete (it was, really) and it came back as deleted!!! Yeah!!! They have been on there forever. I disputed as not mine, date opened, etc. but to no avail. I finally just left it alone, and did some things with DH's report. So I figured I would try it again. I'm glad to have finally gotten it off. EXP has always been the hardest for me as far as deletions are concerned, so imagine my suprise then I saw that. *Today I received my TU report. They deleted a TL that was previously delted in 2002. I disputed online, and put that it was previously deleted, even gave them the date. Glad to see that one gone.*
  7. Sound like you need to send a letter to the CRA and let them know it was re-inserted with out sending you any notice, and for them to delete it.
  8. Kinda sound like your confusing the SOL, with the reporting period for the CRAs. Items on your credit report stay on there for 7 years + 180days. Don't know what the SOL is in your state, but the SOL is for when a CA tries to sue you.
  9. Hate to hijack this thread, but is the Borg Experience something new over there. Years ago DH & I went to the Star Trek Experience shortly after it just opened. So obiviously we haven't been there in a couple of years. I'm not a die-hard Trekkie either, but I must admit that it was pretty cool.
  10. For me it's been Experian. They won't delete anything!!! TU has by far been the easiest.
  11. You said that the credit card number isn't yours, do you know whom it could possibly belong to? I would send them the 2nd DV letter.
  12. Hmmm, interesting. I have several tradelines on my credit reports that are still showing in dispute.
  13. Ok, wait they verified that the information being reported to them is inaccurate? I would fire off a letter demanding deletion.