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  1. Awesome! We will do that. If any more problems arise; I know where to come! It was the initial shock so I've at least had time to breathe and clear my thoughts.
  2. Hi all, Capital One Bank takeover of Chevy Chase Bank has resurrected an old, beyond SOL, was included in BK in 2005 debt by sending us a 1099c today for the amount of $922. The initial thread was here: So, besides calling these dildo's tomorrow, what other steps do I need to do at this point. Call IRS, BK attorney, Trustee, or what? A phone call may take care of this tomorrow but I'm not holding out that this will happen. Not with Capital One. To sum this up, the initial debt was incurred in 1997 for a 5 yr installment loan to end 2002. Correspondence went out to initial loan company which was purchased by Chevy Chase. That bank was contacted as well. Included in BK in 2005 to cover our bases since noone responded to correspondence. Certified letter requested them to pick the car up in 2005 after BK (car wasn't working and we were moving), which they never responded or picked the car up. So, fast forward to the mail rec'd today and this is what we have. How should we proceed? Anything we shouldn't do? Thanks for your help.
  4. I noticed for our county high schools starting next year they have made personal finance a mandatory class between sophomore and junior year. My daughter took it as an elective this year (called plain Finance) and it was only half a semester. At least she has the basics and hopefully won't make the same mistakes her father and I made or at the least understand the way it all works. We have a rising high schooler next year so this gives us hope for her as well. I agree every student should take this course!
  5. first name_middle initial_last
  6. It's been forever since I last posted anything even though I lurked in the background religiously!!! Now, I'm back and need some advice and help! Anyway, new potential problem that I haven't a clue how to handle at this point. I'll try to explain with as much info as I have at this point. DH and I bought a car in 2006 and financing was done through Capital One at the time or should I say one of their companies they contracted through. We ended up with ACC Consumer Finance. Zero problems with payment history. Used this tradeline to improve credit scores at the time and have been successful since then. Last week we rec'd a letter from ACC stating that Consumer Portfolio Services is now "servicing" our loan and indicated new account # will be assigned; Western Union & Quick collect codes changed, address to send future payments too along with the phone number. First thing I noticed was at the bottom of the letter it states that CPS is a Debt Collection Agency. Keep that thought in mind for a moment. If you go to ACC's web page a page comes up giving out CPS information. Upon doing some research; I came across going to CPS's website. It says Welcome ACC Customers. Click on this and you get that letter. Yesterday, rec'd in the mail 2 letters from CPS; One with the information that ACC stated in their letter that we would be receiving shortly. Accept, it has a full paragraph about collecting this debt, if we dispute you have 30 days, blah blah blah.... Second one, short letter stating terms of contract have not changed and to continue to make payments on same dates; etc. If you go to Google and type in ACC Consumer Finance you get several hits about ACC being bought out around February 2009. Of course, this is the first we've heard about this. Second, if you go to ripoff reports; you'll find about 200 entries about the debt collector. Calls to ACC refer you to CPS. Now, here is where the fun begins I'm sure. One, how can a debt collector service my contract with an OC if it is NOT and has NOT ever been late...EVER. This has not shown up on the credit reports as a change or addition...YET; but I'm waiting. I'm concerned now that CPS will list this as a collection account when in fact, it is not. For the record; I have not called these people yet, as I want to be prepared to handle from any angle. Of course we will attempt to refinance with a local bank or credit union but that is not even a guarantee with the tight lending going on in the economy. What, if anything, at this point would you do? My next payment is due next week. If I pay this DC; doesn't this go against everything we have all learned about DC's? Will this affect my rights? Need some good sound advice from the experts on this board. What's the first step? Totally confused with this! Help!!!
  7. I've used Alli in the past and then got away from it and strickly watched my intake and exercised. I think it works but you must drink lots of water and exercise. The idea behind it is to 'clean' out your system when you eat the foods you're not supposed to... So, if you are eating better, then using Alli may or may not work for you like you think. Word of warning... don't take it if you are not going to be near a restroom.
  8. VaSwtness


    I've used both the Wellbutrin and the Chantix. Wellbutrin did not work for me; wasn't strong enough and I smoked right through it all. I started the Chantix this past March 31 and quit April 9. I continued taking the meds for 3 more weeks. I think I'm the world's greatest promoter of this drug~!!! My DH started taking it to prove he could smoke through it that it was all a mental game. He quit April 17. Neither of us has any desire to smoke again and it makes us both sick to be around people that do. Oh, and I never realized how awful I smelled from smoking until I quit~!!! DH had the vivid 3-D dreams. I had nothing. No side effects at all. Good Luck
  9. And I received my email~!!! Setting my reminders.
  10. Hi Folks, Thought I was done with collections and court proceedings FOREVER but it looks like I'm headed back one more time. So, need some help. I'm in the process of finalizing our answers/defense to the attorney's Bill of Particulars. Of course we had the initial hearing and this is what the judge ordered. Little bit of background. This is for HOA dues; 2007 & 2008. We bought the house end of March 2007 and the dues were to be paid by the Bank which owned the house. I have that letter. 2008 weren't due until June 1,2008 which I paid and cleared my bank last week of May. Invoiced Jan 2008 for this current year. Invoiced for partial 2007 June 12, 2007 for 2007 with payment due July 1. Established residents are invoiced Dec/Jan and have 6 months to pay. Sent letter and check end of June 2007. Never cashed; and Management Co said I was correct and didn't owe (via voice mail last year). Never ret'd check. Management Company changes hands next month (July 2007). New company (supposedly) to deal with. Same address; different name but posing as new company. Few months later get letter from attorney. Call management co. and they say they can't speak to us. So, I've retraced all our steps with people involved in the house buying process. Needless to say, I haven't come across anyone still around with the housing market like it is so I went ahead and paid the 2007 dues before the initial court hearing. Ok, no biggie I'll keep looking to see if they were paid or not and if so, get reimbursed somehow. Was only $247 with late fee. Someone involved has to be found somewhere, right? BUT, the attorney has escalated this to continue to collect on his fees. If I really thought he was entitled to this I would pay but I don't think he should receive this much or from me. It's $150. I'm going to post separately the claims and what I've answered soon. I guess what I'm looking for is anyone who may have dealt with something like this before. Our neighborhood has about 25 empty houses out of 300 or so houses. People are still walking away and I'm regretting buying here. The court list is long for this HOA and attorney. He is definately making or trying to make a killing off of this place. Any suggestions on something I can use that may have him dismiss this case (excluding payment)? A poor use of the Court system in my opinion. Thanks for any advice.
  11. we did not reaffirm when we went through BK on either vehicle loan. We continued to pay the payment each month with no problems HOWEVER and UNTIL.... we paid 10 days late to Ford Motor Credit almost a year after discharged. The repo guy nicely came into my husbands work to inform him after hooking up to the vehicle. He did drop the car, we pulled money out of 401 and paid it off completely. So, the however part: if you are currently late on the payments I'd reaffirm definately if you want to keep the vehicle. If not, I wouldn't reaffirm and just keep making payments and hope that the above doesn't happen. At least if you don't reaffirm you walk away not owing any money. It's been discharged through the BK. If you reaffirm and can't pay later; BK doesn't protect you and you open yourself up to collection, judgments, etc. I'm not up on all the changes with the BK laws but the above is just my past experience and $0.02 worth of opinion!!
  12. We've been on a repayment plan with them for 3 years now. Over $10k down to about $4k. Dang AMT got us 2 years in a row. Anyway; the IRS states on the website and the initial postcard that came out the rules regarding back taxes. Unfortunately; they will keep it.
  13. wonder how long it will take them to send me a letter telling me they are keeping my $$$??? At least by my next tax filing; I'll finally have them paid off.
  14. Ditto! Luv them Skins and hate those Cowboys! Lived in Marumsco Hills area entire life up until 10 years ago.
  15. I've done WW a few times and it really does work. The ice cream is good. You can also buy Bunny's (?; I think that is the brand) as it has the same or less in points. I still have tons of cookbooks from WW, recipes, tips & tricks, etc which I can post if anyone is interested. Or maybe do .pdf's to email out. That being said...count me in. I always need encouragement and my new pilates package for xmas needs to be used!!!