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  1. Yup, been there, done that! It's really rough at the beginning, isn't it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise!
  2. Hi Everyone! It's been awhile since I've been here but I wanted to give you guys a little update. I just brought home my first brand new car. It's a 2004 PT Cruiser. The financing isn't the best but it's a whole lot better than the 23% we were paying on the car we traded in (it's 10.9%). For those of you just starting out, this stuff really does work. We've gone from Discover trying to sue us, bad student loan debt (over $100,000), more bad credit than you can shake a stick at, and scores under 500 to a clean (but almost blank) credit report, breaking into the "600 club", buying a house
  3. Yeah I liked it out there! I'm from there! (I've got the birth certificate to prove it!)
  4. Nope, I'm not in Cali anymore (btw mexican food in VA sucks!) Anyway, since you're so curious, here's the whole story... I got laid off from my awesome job in San Diego back in September. They weren't getting the contracts they were expecting, blah, blah, blah. Anyway I found myself unemployed again. I really wanted to stay in Cali but I just wasn't getting any bites so I expanded the search to the whole country. November rolled around and I got a call from the applied physics lab at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland and they wanted to fly me out for an interview two weeks later. I th
  5. I didn't delete them. They're just in deferment so I don't have to pay them right now.
  6. Hi everyone! I haven't been here in forever (I've been concentrating on other areas of my life.) Anyway, long story short, I just closed on my house on friday. Through a odd course of events, I've ended moving from southern california to northern virginia. For those of you who don't know me, when I started my credit was AWEFUL! I had over $100000 of student loans in default, collections up the wazoo, luckily no bancrupcies, forclosures or repossessions but still, it was bad. My husbands credit was almost as bad. After, tons of letters and consolodating and deferring my student loans I w
  7. A while back, I was told by one of the experts (don't remember which one) that paying a CA doesn't reset the SOL (only paying the OC does.) I just got a letter from the bozos hired by RMA (who I've already shot down and I've got proof that they cancelled the account) saying that I owe them money still. Back in June (before I got rid of RMA) I sent a validation letter and they ignored it. I called the guy and basically yelled at him for ignoring my letter and informed him that I've got a letter from RMA saying that they cancelled the debt because it was passed the SOL. He starts telling me
  8. Okay, a few months ago, I settled with Discover and there's still a balance showing on my credit reports. I've been disputing and it keeps coming back verified. Finally, I gave in and called up Discover. I gave my account information to the first person I talked to and they were really rude (what a surprise) and said that my account had been forwarded to an attorney and I had to contact them. And I said, I already paid a settlement to the attorney and it's still showing a balance on my credit report and she put me on hold. Well the lady that picked up the phone was super nice! (I guess t
  9. My unpaid chargeoffs came off right away (except for RMA, I had to complain to the BBB for that victory). The paid ones are giving me the hardest time. My only minor successes with those is they were all updated to paid (they were all showing balances) except Discover. I'm still fighting with them.
  10. All I did was dispute ("I swear it's not mine!") Actually, this one didn't give me too much trouble because the CA that was reporting wasn't the CA that was collecting it so technically, it wasn't mine.
  11. My defaulted student loan is finally off all three reports (just came off of EQ today!) I'm going to party down tonight! I've only got a couple more negatives and then it's rebuilding time!
  12. I'm not finding scores for the Costco American Express Card. I think we're going to give it a shot anyway. Wish us luck!
  13. DH just got a letter saying he's Pre-Approved for a Costco American Express card with a minimum limit of $1000. I've been looking all over the letter for a catch and I can't find one (no annual fee, no "application fee", no deposit). What do you guys think? Should he go for it?
  14. I've heard that after a few months of ontime Target card payments, they'll increase your limit. How many months? Do I need to ask? At what point would they upgrade it to a Target Visa? I've had my Target card since 1995 but I only started using it a couple of months ago (I've been paying it in full within two weeks of using it.)
  15. My RMA accounts were gone by the time I got the letter.
  16. Since this actually worked for me, here's what I think the logical course of action should be: 1. Send an SOL letter to the CA. Threaten to complain to the BBB, AG, FTC, etc. Wait 15 days. 2. If you don't get a response (or don't get an appropriate response), send another letter the to CA, follow up on your threats and complain to BBB, AG, FTC, etc. Also send an SOL letter to the CRA. Wait 15 days. 3. If that still doesn't work, send an ITS letter to the CA (At this point, I'm clueless because I didn't have to go this far.)
  17. I have an odd question. DH and I would like to buy a house but DH is a full-time graduate student and is only working part-time. My odd question is this: When we go to get pre-qualified, does his financial aid money count towards our monthly income? (It makes a difference of about 750 bucks a month.)
  18. I would try sending a letter to the CAs first because when you complain to the BBB, you'll be able to say that you tried to resolve the matter yourself first. Then when they ignore you, go to and complain. The website is really easy and it sends your complaint to the appropriate office based on the address of the CA.
  19. I actually never sent them a DV letter because it was pointless.
  20. I think Sis posted this a while back, but here's the letter that I sent to RMA: RMA 4450 River Green Pkwy Duluth, GA 30096-2589 Re: Acct. #: SEARS-1311* and SEARS-1320* To Whom It May Concern: Under California law it is unlawful to collect any debt which is too old to be enforcable. The last payment made to the original creditor (Sears) was in September, 1998. Because the California Statute of Limitations on an open-ended account is four years, the debt became unenforcable as of September, 2002. Because reporting a debt is considered an attempt to collect, please remove your listing from
  21. Those were my only time-barred debts. I actually don't have a copy of what I wrote to the BBB. I just filled out thier complaint form and told the truth.
  22. I just got my SOL debt deleted by complaining to the BBB. Check it out:
  23. I got a letter from the Atlanta BBB regarding my complaint about RMA (past SOL, CAs can't attempt collection on an SOL debt in Cali.) and they sent RMA's response. Here it is: Risk Management Alternatives, Inc (RMA) is in receipt of your letter of July 7, 2003 concerning a letter submitted to your office by Ms. Techgoddess. We have completed our investigation and provide the following response. It is the philosophy and practice of RMA to conduct its business in a professional, legal and ethical manner; thus, we take complaints seriously. Ms. Techgoddess's allegations were reviewed against t